How to Select a Wi-Fi Modem?

Wi-Fi ModemOne crucial hardware piece that is required by a majority of the internet users nowadays is Wifi modem. Once you own and install this device, multiple devices such as computers, laptops, mobile phones, tablets and so on will be able to connect to your local area connection. Therefore you can very well understand the importance of the Wifi modem as it is the main center from which the internet connection is disseminated to the devices which support Wifi.

When you are about to select a Wifi modem, you have to remember that the market is flooded with different models of Wifi modems. You can either get hold a reasonably priced modem or you can even purchase an expensive modem having additional features. But then investing in an expensive Wifi modem would not be wise because you will surely not require all the additional features it contains.

Generally, the Wifi modems contain these two features: Ethernet ports (which help you to connect your wired computers to the LAN) and Wifi radio (which helps you connect your wireless devices to the LAN). Therefore the modem you select must have these two basic features for sure.

If you want the modem for normal internet usage then you can go for the ones which offer 100Mbps Ethernet ports. However, if you are involved in transferring huge amounts of data from one device to another and your internet usage is unlimited then you must look for modems that offer Ethernet ports having a speed of 1000Mbps (Gigabit Ethernet).

The Wifi modem with Gigabit Ethernet ports is obviously expensive so invest in it only if you actually require it. In case the budget is a problem then you must go for the affordable modems having 100Mbps Ethernet ports as these are also good.

Wifi Modems support different frequencies and speeds. The most common modems support the 2.4GHz frequency and offer a speed of 150Mb/sec. While there are others which support 2.4GHz frequency and offer a speed of 54Mb.sec. However, modems supporting 5GHz frequency have also come into existence in order to meet the needs of the modern era. If you live in a very urban area where everyone uses Wifi then the smart move on your part would be to go for the 5GHz Wifi modem.

You must also ensure that your Wifi modem has USB ports so that you can connect your portable hard drives or pen drives and transfer or store data as and when required. Investing in a modem that supports 3G data card would be the perfect option for you.

If you download lots of things from the internet then purchasing a Wifi modem having an in-built torrent client or download manager would be extremely beneficial because even if your computer is switched off you can download things with the help of such a modem.

Always remember that you must invest in a Wifi modem that belongs to a well-reputed company so that you can get an assurance that the modem will work appropriately especially under stressful circumstances.