How To Fix A Broken Phone Screen

Broken Phone ScreenAre you worried because the delicate touchscreen of your mobile phone has cracked ? Well, rather than banging your head about where to ask for support, you can follow some simple guidelines and at least give it try to fix the broken screen of your cell phone.

Broken digitizer: In most of the touchscreen phones, the technique that is responsible for touchscreen facility is called digitizer. So, when the LCD or LED screen of your phone breaks, remember that fixing your digitizer is more important to sustain the touch facility of your phone.

Get organized: When you are ready to fix the broken screen of your cell phone, you should find a clear desk where you have sufficient light. Then remove all the essential parts such as battery, SIM card from your phone. Fixing the broken screen of a phone is not easy. You cannot do the job without having an adroit jewelry screwdriver.

Get started: In most of the popular touch screen phones like Samsung galaxy, Nokia Lumia or HTC, you will get to see a couple of tiny screws around the battery, that attach the screen of your phone with its base, so try and remove all those screws with the help of the jewelry screwdriver.

Remove torx screws: You will not be able to access the display screen of your phone until you remove all the torx screws. Once you are done with removing the screws, try to lift the metal chassis of your cell phone now. To remove the chassis, try to bend the PCB, but do not put so much force into it so that its shape gets disturbed you end up cracking it beyond repair.

Separate the display unit: While fixing the touchscreen of your phone, your aim should be to completely separate the display unit from the motherboard. Otherwise instead of fixing the display you may cause any harm to the motherboard that could stop your phone from working. Just near the display you will see the screen is attached with a couple of tapes with the mother board. Try to detach those tapes, but remember, again very carefully. Remove the locking element of your phone and this way your phone’s touchscreen unit will get completely detached with the mother board. Now you are free to work solely upon the screen.

Final do: Now, if you reach the section where you see that the display screen is attached with some adhesive gasket with the digitizer, then you should very carefully try to separate these two unit. For that you will have to produce some heat right beneath the joints of the digitizer and the gasket. Once, enough heated, both the parts will fall separate, but again you should know that it is no child’s job and to do it flawlessly it’s difficult without assistance from the professionals.

Get expert help:
If you think that after working till this far you need professional assistance to fix your phone, then you can visit the mobile store from your did you buy the handset or call the merchandise company directly and ask for a service number.
So, follow these tips and get your phone’s display fixed in no time.