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Ways To Boost Your Home Wi-Fi

Boosting Wi-Fi at your home
Boost up the speed of Wi-Fi at your home

Wi-Fi is one of the most useful and important part of using your computer at home. If the use of your Wi-Fi is for working from home or it is for any other use, once you get addicted to using Wi-Fi at good speed you cannot compromise a bit at your speed. If Wi-Fi is one of the most useful things at home then it can also be one of the most annoying and frustrating thing of your home. This situation can arise if the speed of your Wi-Fi at your home goes down. If you are facing this slow speed problem or bad reception or any other Wi-Fi issues then you need to take steps to boost your home Wi-Fi. There are many ways to boost your home Wi-Fi. If you are not aware of this and suffering from bad Wi-Fi then you must learn these ways to boost your home Wi-Fi and get rid of this irritating situation. Here are some of the solutions which can help you to cope with this situation and boost your home Wi-Fi.

  • Use the latest Wi-Fi technologies

One of the best ways to boost your home Wi-Fi is to make sure that your network is as reliable and as fast as possible and for doing so you need to use up to date hardware. First of all you need to go through the basics of hardware of the router and then check out the full low down. If you are having wireless A, B and G are usually old and very slow. For boosting your home Wi-Fi, you need to have wireless N and AC and this will give you the fastest speed to your home Wi-Fi. If you want to boost your home Wi-Fi then you need to make sure that you have both wireless N router and even wireless N card in your computer.

  • Find the appropriate spot for your router

Routers might be dirty and ugly but this does not mean that you should hide your router behind the TV cabinet. If you want the best signals out of your router, then you need to place it at a place which is free of any walls and any obstructions. If it is not at such place then you need to change the place of your Wi-Fi to boost your home Wi-Fi. Make sure to place your Wi-Fi in the center of your house, by placing in the center it will have the best coverage throughout your home.

  • Get rid of the interference from other appliances

Other routers around are not the only thing which can cause interference in your Wi-Fi. Microwaves, cordless phones and any such other appliances can stick with your Wi-Fi signal. Going for a dual band router can help you out with this thing. If you don’t want to indulge in buying something new and still want to boost your home Wi-Fi then you can move your router to a place where there is no interfering appliances nearby.

How to Select a Wi-Fi Modem?

Wi-Fi ModemOne crucial hardware piece that is required by a majority of the internet users nowadays is Wifi modem. Once you own and install this device, multiple devices such as computers, laptops, mobile phones, tablets and so on will be able to connect to your local area connection. Therefore you can very well understand the importance of the Wifi modem as it is the main center from which the internet connection is disseminated to the devices which support Wifi.

When you are about to select a Wifi modem, you have to remember that the market is flooded with different models of Wifi modems. You can either get hold a reasonably priced modem or you can even purchase an expensive modem having additional features. But then investing in an expensive Wifi modem would not be wise because you will surely not require all the additional features it contains.

Generally, the Wifi modems contain these two features: Ethernet ports (which help you to connect your wired computers to the LAN) and Wifi radio (which helps you connect your wireless devices to the LAN). Therefore the modem you select must have these two basic features for sure.

If you want the modem for normal internet usage then you can go for the ones which offer 100Mbps Ethernet ports. However, if you are involved in transferring huge amounts of data from one device to another and your internet usage is unlimited then you must look for modems that offer Ethernet ports having a speed of 1000Mbps (Gigabit Ethernet).

The Wifi modem with Gigabit Ethernet ports is obviously expensive so invest in it only if you actually require it. In case the budget is a problem then you must go for the affordable modems having 100Mbps Ethernet ports as these are also good.

Wifi Modems support different frequencies and speeds. The most common modems support the 2.4GHz frequency and offer a speed of 150Mb/sec. While there are others which support 2.4GHz frequency and offer a speed of 54Mb.sec. However, modems supporting 5GHz frequency have also come into existence in order to meet the needs of the modern era. If you live in a very urban area where everyone uses Wifi then the smart move on your part would be to go for the 5GHz Wifi modem.

You must also ensure that your Wifi modem has USB ports so that you can connect your portable hard drives or pen drives and transfer or store data as and when required. Investing in a modem that supports 3G data card would be the perfect option for you.

If you download lots of things from the internet then purchasing a Wifi modem having an in-built torrent client or download manager would be extremely beneficial because even if your computer is switched off you can download things with the help of such a modem.

Always remember that you must invest in a Wifi modem that belongs to a well-reputed company so that you can get an assurance that the modem will work appropriately especially under stressful circumstances.

Wired keyboard or wireless keyboard?

Wired keyboardDo you want to purchase a new keyboard for your computer but are confused about whether you should get a wired keyboard or a wireless one? Well, wireless keyboards are a rage at the moment and a lot of people are opting for them because of their sleek designs and also because they reduce the clutter on your desk. However, you need to understand that as far as wireless keyboards are concerned, the sleek design comes at a price. So before you invest in a keyboard you need to compare the wired against the wireless ones and they decide which will suit your needs the better.

One of the most crucial advantages of a wireless keyboard is the convenience. Using a wireless keyboard means that you will not have to be bothered about tangled wires and you will also be able to sit farther away from the computer screen. A lot of people have their computers hooked to their television screen and using a wireless keyboard gives them the freedom to access the media sitting on their couches.

You, however, have to clearly understand that one of the biggest disadvantages of a wireless keyboard is the input lag potential. Input lag means the delay between hitting the keys and the results appearing on the screen. Poor wireless connection and not-so-good wireless interface can result in this input lag. Input lag can also be a result of poorly designed wireless keyboard. It has been seen that wireless keyboards suffer from input lags especially when you play computer games.

As far as wired keyboards are concerned, they get their power from the computer itself so you do not need to worry about the battery life. Meanwhile a wireless keyboard runs on battery and you will have to remember to charge it at regular intervals.

WAP or wireless network protocol- what is it?

wireless network protocol, wirelessIf you are interested in wireless networking, then there are few things that you must know, to use the wireless networking successfully. There are several wireless networking protocol that you must abide by and the protocols do vary from device to device. So you must keep in mind each and every protocol to successfully use a device.

The protocols impose some regulations and rules on the use of the device. The capacity of the device, like the frequency range in which it operates as well as the speed, are factors to be considered. If you want to increase the speed of the network then there is another protocol which you have to abide otherwise you will be under legal scanner and may even face penalty. The protocols are getting improved day by day with the invention of newer technological devices and the advancement of technology as well.

Best features of cordless microphones

Cordless microphones, microphonesWireless microphones are used widely these days. These wireless or cordless microphones are connected to an amplifier or a recording unit without any wires or cords. These kinds of microphones are used for many purposes such as public speaking in groups, churches, shows, lectures, malls, events, etc. They are very efficient. These kinds of microphones are used for many purposes such as public speaking in groups, churches, shows, lectures, malls, events, etc. They are very efficient as they are hassle free, are easier to handle and are more durable as well.

Some of the best features of such wireless microphones are that they can be chosen as and when work is required. The amplification and the sound range can be chosen as per need. One can ask for special microphones which have in-built transmitters as well. Head worn body pack transmitter induced head phones might be a bit pricey but they are very efficient. These are mostly used in talk shows and telecommunication shows.

What are the different types of wireless network?

Different Wireless network, Wireless networksAs the name suggests, wireless networks are the various networks that are not bound by the limitations of wires and function without them. Wireless networks are primarily used for the purpose of communication like voice calls over the mobile. The different types of wireless networks are GPRS or General Packet Data Service, HSCD or High Sped circuit Switch Data, CPDP or Cellular Digital Packet Data and PDC-P or Packet Data Cellular. Some other wireless networks that operate tower antennas are MMDS or Multichannel Multipoint Distribution Service and the LMDS or Local Multipoint Distribution Service. Bluetooth is another variant of wireless network that only works over a short distance on devices like mobiles, tablets and laptops. Wireless networks are further classified into LAN or Local Area Network and WAN or Wide Area Network. The Wireless Local Area Network is used to connect areas like offices, hospitals and other such areas with the help of WIFI, while the Wireless Wide Area Network includes the communication technologies like GSM and GPRS.

Which is a better pick among wireless and Bluetooth telephone headsets?

Wireless headset, bluetooth headsetWith the advancement of telecom technology, we can now stay connected with our near and dear ones wherever we are and whenever we want to and it is mainly due to the development of mobile communication. This technology has advanced to such a stage that we don’t even need to use our hands to answer all the calls or take the cell phones to our ears to hear the other person. The “hands free” technology has enabled us to stay connected even while we are driving and all of this is thanks to the Bluetooth telephone head sets.

Now, even a wireless telephone headset would give the same result but the question that arises is – which is a better pick? The only notable difference between the 2 devices is the fact that the Bluetooth headsets apart from being able to connect calls will also allow you to access music on your cell phone which most of the wireless headsets won’t and with the wireless headsets, if you go beyond a certain range, the line gets disconnected whereas it is not the case with the Bluetooth ones.

Broadband wireless: stay connected anywhere

Broadband wireless communication has reinvented the dynamics of the corporate working world. You need not be fixed in one position in your workplace or home while working. Broadband wireless comes with a wireless data card or connects to the computer or laptop through Wi-Fi connection and for huge work centers or educational institutes the Wide Area Network works the best. Many professionals these days use the PDA’s, smart phone or machine internet equipments to wirelessly connect to the internet in the telephone communication services.
The primary advantage of wireless connection is that all working professionals can have access to the internet anytime and anywhere without the harassment of network cables and wires. The overall productivity of the work for professionals and students also thereby increases. People working in remote areas can also have access; also wireless communication provides entertainment in the form of TVs and daily soap operas which you can view through the computers.

Wireless Printers for Your Computer

Today’s world is all about moving without any strings attached! This applies to humans as well as electronics. Do you not just prefer the cell phones over landlines? When it comes to computers do you not choose to work on laptops rather than Desktops? Why should it be any different for your printers? With the advent of wireless printers more and more people prefer this.

For wireless printers you need a router. The wireless printer operates just like the Wi-Fi internet. Computer sends a message to the computer through signals transmitted. The biggest advantage of wireless printers is that it can be used to share more than one computer. But every computer sharing the network should have a printer installed to it in the control panel. In fact along with sharing one computer with a couple of other computers there is also an added benefit. You are doing away with the safety hazards of entangled cord. So do not get attached to the old…move on to the new technology.

Risks associated with wireless network

As the name suggests, wireless networking is cable-free. But as convenient as it sounds, it does not come risk-free.

While connecting to a domestic network, it should be taken care that it is protected against viruses. Some networks do not require passwords to get connected to. So, someone, who is new to wireless networking, can easily fall prey to hackers. On the other hand, business networking comes with full technical support. If multiple computers need to be connected, then the router should be placed centrally which makes it equally accessible to all systems. The Internet cable is plugged in to the port (RS-232) on the router. Then the security settings like firewall etc. are configured.

Malls and multiplexes are equipped with this facility and people who visit these places can enjoy wireless networking even when they are outside. To be on the safe side, one should get hold of an anti-virus like AVG to stay virus protected.