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Criteria to fulfill for a telecom sector job

telecom jobs, telecomAre you planning to enter the telecom industry? Well, the telecom sector is doing very well at the moment and it will be really great if you can find a way into it. To get entry into the telecom sector, you need to know about the qualifications that you require. To seek a job in the telecom industry you must have a degree in programming like the PHP. In fact, PHP is extremely sought after at the moment and completing a course in PHP will really help.

Since the telecom industry primarily needs IT professionals and engineers, you are advised to complete an engineering or IT course. You will also have to be qualified to install, test and maintain all the equipment that is widely used in the telecom sector. You must also be aware of the most recent trends of the telecom industry if you are planning to apply for a job.

What to look for before settling for a telecom plan

Tips to select a telecom plan, telecommunicationOur modes of telecommunication have changed over the years. Technology has allowed us to evolve and the world has come closer today. Mobile phones and internet has created a new level of communication for the world and now everything around us is accessible in a simpler and more efficient manner. When you choose a telecom plan for yourself, then there are certain factors which you must consider.

First of all, ask around the locality and neighborhood about which plans people tend to use the most and which plans are economical and reliable. Choose more than one service provider to analyze their work and conditions. Compare the prices and service history records. See if they have any special deals and packages. Knowing your option helps you choose better and also helps you steer clear from frauds. Read the terms and conditions of the company carefully before you sign in for anything.

Legal attachment of recording a call

Call recording, recording legalsDo you know that recording a call is not legal? Yes, your network company do record the calls you make or receive but before that they need to obtain a permission from the user. Telephone recording is also known as telephone tapping which is strictly controlled officially in several countries.

This is specifically to ensure the safeguard of the telephone user’s privacy and the process is prevalent in every developed democracies. By theory, call recording or telephone tapping should be always court authorized & is only approved if evidence proves that it won’t be viable to detect the subversive activity or the criminal in lesser intrusive ways. Most often the regulations and laws would require that the crime investigated should bear be a specific degree of severity.

In most of the jurisdictions, however, the allowance for telephone tapping is obtained easily on routine basis sans any further investigation from court or any other body granting such a permission.

Android vs. Symbian

Android and Symbian are two types of operating systems which are used in mobile phones. Android as we all know is a latest version while Symbian has been here for a long time. So, which is the best amongst these two? This is possible a never ending argument but let us try to put an end to it.

If a device uses android software, it is called as a droid. There are some features that it has which makes it superior over the Symbian devices. Let us take a look at those features.

Android devices have great range of applications. These applications are made available to the user through a market place. But in Symbian devices one can use these applications only as a third party application.

You can use the wi-fi for a long time in Android devices than in Symbian devices. The droid devices also provide great social networking facilities.

Future of Telecom Industry

The telecom industry has faced some very difficult times over the last few years but this has not slowed down technology advancements. The introduction of cellular radio, optical fiber and digital switching revolutionized this industry and the way people communicate.

The industry is still going to go through some major changes after the introduction of mesh networking and nanotechnology. These technologies are supposed to change cost structures of networks and hardware. Free space optics will provide a cost effective way of connecting metro fiber rings to urban buildings. This means that connections will not be limited by distance and extreme weather like blizzards and fog.

Cellular technology is also going to continue growing rapidly with the introduction of 3G technology. Telecommunication specialists are developing a technology that will make it possible to transmit and receive multiple data transmissions in one channel using the 3G technology. This will help to boost the 3G network immensely.

Telecoms in China

Telecoms in China are largely run by three businesses which are all run by the state. These companies are China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom. These companies offer 3G services and they combine mobile and fixed-line businesses.

China is gradually letting in foreign operators into its market after a new law was passed when the country became part of the World Trade Organization. Most of the people in China believe they pay more for telecom services but foreigners think the services offered are convenient and affordable. A significant part of the 2nd generation telecom equipment used in China originates from North America and Europe therefore the Chinese companies are gradually moving to the African, South American and Southeast market.

The companies that offer fixed-lines in China are now gradually building their wireless LAN networks to offer customers better wireless internet access to match the progress that is going on in other countries.

How to Troubleshoot Telecom Troubles

One of the most common telecom problems that computer users have is faulty network connectivity. The problem occurs when networked computers are unable to communicate with one another. There are three main reasons why people face this problem. The first one is when connectivity is lost and a user is not able to access other sections of the network. Another cause of this problem is intermittent connectivity that usually results in a lot of downtime. The third cause is timeout problems that are usually related to a network that is performing poorly.

To troubleshoot connectivity problems, use Ping command tools to help you test the basic connectivity. Ping assists you to separate the incompatible configurations and the network hardware troubles. You should also make sure your network adapter is available in the PCs operating system’s supporting list. You can manually set the network adapter that is causing the connectivity problems.

Multi-Functions With the TV Mobile Phone


The advent of technology has thrown up lots of options for us and made the world a better place to stay. Your TV mobile phone is also one such latest technological innovation that you can use. It comes with a lot of functions and applications that you can use to enjoy great benefits.

In simple terms, the TV mobile phone is not a type of a new model. It is a type of service or application that you can add to any of the latest phone models. The application is based on the streaming technology which is transmitted through a signal.

In a TV mobile phone, the signal of the service provider is utilized for the purpose of television streaming. This allows you to watch any program in a recorded format or even live. The picture clarity is wonderful and the sound is also ok.

There are lots of phone firms like Verizon and Cingular which offer the TV mobile phone. It is also gaining wide spread popularity among the American people.

Fax Services Over VoIP Or FoIP


Fax services over VoIP or FoIP can be a very effective way to increase the returns of your business and add to the profit and revenue base. By making use of the latest technology in these applications, you can easily communicate with clients located thousands of miles away. The application is as well cost effective which helps you save more.

The fax services that are used in the VoIP or FoIP utilize the latest and sophisticated technologies. Through it, one can receive and send messages in a blink of a second. The process of using it is also easy and user friendly. You just need to sign up with the VoIP service and use the fax over IP facility. Once that is done, you can enjoy a wide range of services.

One of the main benefits of the fax services over VoIP or FoIP is that is allows you to receive or send messages from anywhere across the world by utilizing the VoIP system. Maintenance is also easy and free of extra costs.

How to Trace a Mobile Number

Track Mobile NumberWe often get missed calls from unknown numbers. We may ignore these missed calls once or twice, but if we keep getting them regularly, we feel the urge to find out who that strange caller is. There may also be instances when you see an unknown number flashing on your partner’s mobile screen and you suspect that you partner is cheating on you.

The first way to trace a mobile number is to use the services of reverse phone lookup directories. These directories gather information from main communication companies, compile into their system and display it over their website so that the common users can see them. The fee that you will have to pay depends upon the directory you are using because it is different from one directory to the other. The price that you pay to the directory does not guarantee that you will find the information that you were looking for, and thus, you should choose the directory which is most reputed and reliable over the internet.