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Samsung F480 Tocco Pink

telecom, tech, Samsung F480 tocco pink,The model is certainty red-liveried. Its solid format is fused with the feminine color pink and the fusion looks really pleasant to the senses. The front is glossy. The model provides touch screen and the keys are meant to be very user-friendly.

The phone’s USP is the fact that you can send multimedia messages via sounds, videos, and other clips. Any user can log via e-mail attachments and look for the messages. You can store and even run your video footage through the social media sites. It’s the latest word on GPRS and Bluetooth transfer and propagates very fast internet. In fact, net can be availed almost globally without any hiccups. The gizmo has a built-in camera stabilizer that supports all the latest formats including MPEG4 video format. Video call feature is awe-inspiring and lets a person connect 3G video call with other compatible gadgets.

Samsung U600

Samsung U600Samsung U600 handset is considered to be the world’s slimmest slide phone and the company have set a world record on this. The main aim of the Samsung Company is to come up always with the sleekest and the thinnest mobile. The new version of U600 is thinner than the chocolate bar formed models which are presently available. The hazard regarding miniaturization, such which can be seen in U600, is mostly compromised with user – friendly factor and its applicability.

The following are the key features – it is attractive by appearance and is well designed, it has a navigator as well as touch receptive and standard key buttons, EDGE, FM radio facility, consists of an excellent image reviser, a 3.2 mega pixel camera with auto focus and resolution, memory card (microSD) and flawless PC connector and synchronizer. This model is about 10.9 millimetre thickness. These are available in several shades such as black, red, grey, etc.