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Top 10 Phone Accessory

Phone accessoriesThere is huge range of smart phones available in today’s time in the market. All those varieties in smart phones indicate millions of cool accessories to choose from. But sometimes there are certain accessories which are just plain and overwhelming. This is the reason we have a collection of the best, the coolest and very new accessories for your smart phone. Whether you are a music lover or you are into photography or you just want latest gadgets, you will find some or the other thing on this list which will give your phone more power and make your phone more interesting.

  • Fitbit charge HR wireless activity wristband

Many people have misconception that fitbit wristband results in rashes on your wrist. This is not totally wrong but this is happened to only some of the users and not all. For majority of fitbit users, it is actually a solid choice for them. It is such a phone accessory which avails you the constant rate of your heart. Along with that, it also shows the number of calories burned along with that also the number of floors climbed, distance travelled, total amount of active minutes and also the steps. Yes it is really a great device and a superb phone accessory. You are also availed with a silent alarm feature which is really a helpful feature when you want to wake up earlier than your partner. This extraordinary phone accessory also provides you with time and call notification just right o your band.

  • Sound peats

Are you searching for the perfect pair of ear buds to use while you are hitting the gym or running? Sound peats ear buds are the correct option for you. It avails you with easy to read battery meter and it also offers a playtime of up to six hours. It has a special feature of minimizing Bluetooth skipping and an awesome and clean audio experience. Sound peats ear buds are excellent as they are also sweat proof which is a great feature for the one who wants their device to last for long time. These headphones are great phone accessory as it works with both android device and also IOS devices.

  • Solpro helios 4500mah tri-fold solar charging power bank

This is a very cool and new phone accessory. This is new type of charger for those people who are lover of great outdoors and want their devices to be charged throughout their outdoor. The charging process takes almost four and a half hour it is in the direct sun. Helios is the own case of its, so you just need to unfold it and place it in the direct sun so it could charge properly. In this type of phone accessory there are two USB points for charging and thus you are able to charge two devices at one time. It has enough capacity that it will be able to charge fully one smart phone and you will also have bit of charging left over.

Platonic Headsets for Your Cell Phones

Platonic Headsets, mobile headsetsPlatonic headsets are very popular these days. You can use these with your iPods and phones with ease and the sound quality is very good too. All you need to do is use them in the right way so that they last for a long time. Make sure you put the headphones in the same side of the phone for clearer sound. If you hear any popping noise or static, then you would just have to adjust the speakers properly.

Remove the pairing associations and refresh your list when you use platonic headsets for the first time. Since your mobile will be connecting to headsets and not another phone, this kind of device will need a new list to get connected. You can choose from various branded headphones. The volume can also be adjusted as per need on the headphones itself. If you buy them online, just remember to check if your phone is compatible with that particular device or not.

How to get the best Bluetooth headset for your mobile

Are you planning to get a new Bluetooth headset for your mobile? Are your purse strings a bit tight at the moment? If your answers to both the questions are in the affirmative here is a bit of help for you.

If you want to get the best Bluetooth headset you can check out a site that “reviews the reviews”. This site reviews a wide variety of Bluetooth headsets and gives you a good idea about the application, clarity and features of each of the renowned brands. You can also check out the sites that are known for in-depth reviews.

You can go in for the Aliph New Jawbone. The best thing about this is that it boasts of noise canceling technology that cancels out the disturbing ambient noises. The Plantronics Voyager 520 is also a good option and has great performance. The Jabra BT3010 is good and cheap. They have a wide variety of funky colors that you can choose from.

Mobile Noise Reducing Head Sets for Mobiles

If you are tired of listening to noise on your mobile phone there are some gadgets which can reduce the noise on your headsets. The plantronics back beat plus mobile is the greatest addition to your mobile phone for this purpose. They have amazing sound quality which is deep and powerful. It is free from any distortion and keeps away all the outside noise. This helps you to enjoy what you are listening to without any distractions. You can also get the classic UHS 106 black beat which serves almost the same purpose.

This is used to listen to music and mobile conversations all day. It produces clear sound and gets rid of all the noise that gets in. They both have an inline microphone which you can use to answer calls and get everything that is being said clearly. One can also get blue tooth types where you do not have to carry your phone with you but can receive it with the headset and participate in the conversations normally with minimal noise.

Choosing the Perfect Cell Phone Case

Cell Phone Case, Mobile Accessories, TelecomCell phone cases act like tough shells covering your delicate phone from shock or damage. When you choose the perfect case for your cell phone, you must consider certain factors like protection, cost, fitment, convenience, sturdiness and style. Generally there are four types of cell phone cases like the snap-on, soft-fitted, pouches or aluminum cases.

Soft fitted cases are the best as they are made of silicone, which is very durable and resistant to breakage or damage. Next category is the pouch and that can be a bit expensive. They might be fitted on your belt if you would like to carry it that way. These pouches are suitable for different varieties of phones and offer good protection to the phone. If you want exact fit for your phone you can get a snap-on case made of hard plastic. Aluminum cases are very strong and are quite heavy as well. This might be a bit uncomfortable carrying around but guarantees 100 percent protection to your call phone.