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Nokia 5800 Xpress Music

telecom, tech, nokia 5800 expressNokia 5800 Xpress Music is another avant garde unit form Nokia. The high-end gizmo binds excellent music, video and entertainment facility with a lot of functionality and styling.

Its QWERTY keyboard is rolled over a sliding format. Even otherwise, the appearance is chic. The model is not very light. It packs a punch with its intuitive interface and very user friendly menu buttons.

Also, the screen is welcoming and provides high quality images. It also restores the magnificence of multimedia and graphics. Music is the best part of this gadget. There is song recognition software, one which tells you about the track and artist prior to the start of each song.

The phone can connect beautifully to RSS and thus make the very best websites and blogs available to you. Other features are just as sharp. The phone is synchronized with latest attachments and comes with valuable accessories.

Nokia N85

Nokia N85Nokia N85 is been a crucial outcome in the last sector of 2008 and till June 2009. It is considered as a continuation of the tuneful N81 mobile and it was claim to be – the masters of a supreme gaming or music mobile. The price range and the target section are completely same, plus the initial sum of the memory; conversely, all the other feature of functionality is been enhanced.

The concerns are depending on Nokia N85 to be the most popular contender and for turning to be an entire market’s bestseller; as a large investment has been made for its promotional campaigning. This model hasn’t got any direct opponent but N95 – 8GB, however in every aspect the precious one is better. The black shade panel of this model is attractive and even. The screen size is about 2.6’’ and comes with additional features such as BL – 5K 1200 mah Battery (which referred as a new generation battery).

Nokia 7373

Nokia 7373Nokia 7373 is launched in its latest collection called L‘amour, it has been designed in a luxurious and attractive manner. This model of Nokia in powerful pink shade has an elegant rotating design along with over elaborate attention grabbing outer surface. The stylish designing is prolonged, when the handset is twirled around to open enlightening an unfussy keypad that stands out against its highly crafted and intricate exterior look.

Style being the focal point does not ignore the characteristics that Nokia has consecrated with a self – effacing two mega pixel camera.

The Nokia 7373 has been described as stylishness in combination with sense of idealism, the elegant twirling design with intricate and detailed outer surface and marked finishing.
It has a simple push to speak and Nokia – Xpress aural messaging feature. It also has incorporated stereo system and FM – radio. It has a huge two inches coloured (QVGA) display screen that makes going through multi- media and websites delightful.