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How to install a broadband modem

broadband modem, broadbandInstalling a broadband modem is pretty easy. Make sure that you have all the necessary parts. If the connection is ADSL then the phone would be connected to the ADSL port on the modem and if it is not ADSL then the ISP provider will provide you with a CAT6 or CAT5 cable that goes into the internet port of the modem. An Ethernet cable will connect your modem to the modem. The LAN port on your computer will be connected to the Ethernet port on your modem. Then all you need to do is fix the power supply to the modem.

The software provided in a CD Rom will carry you through with the rest of the process and allow you o choose from the different options like Dynamic IP, Static IP, Bridge mode and PPPoE/PPPoA. Contact the ISP provider if any problems are encountered. You can also setup a network using the OS and other machines in the room.

Places you can buy cable modems from

If you are in need of a cable modem for your phone, television or most commonly for your PC then there are various places where you can get them from. These days due to their demand, modems have become rather cheap and everyone can afford them

Probably the most common place where you can get hold of a cable modem is an electronics store. These stores have everything from phones, headphones, USB and of course modems. Cable modems can be purchased from numerous online gadget stores as well. All you need to do is browse through their stock and place your order. The modem will be delivered to you at your place.

One thing that you should keep in mind while buying a cable model is to make sure about the compatibility of the gadget with the modem. It is therefore advised to always go for the same brand.

In-car internet modems

Though the market is flooded with mobile broadband products that keep you connected wherever you are on the move there is a dearth good in-car internet modems in the market. Having internet connectivity in your car is extremely beneficial as it allows you to work from just about anywhere. It also entertains people who go for long drives. With in-car internet modems the term “mobile office” has taken a whole new meaning.

If you are planning to buy an in-car internet modem, you can opt for Autonet Mobile. The best thing about Autonet Mobile is it is the only car ISP in the market. The connection is extremely stable and 3G coverage is available in almost all parts of the United States.

There is also the Verizon MiFi 2200 that comes with a sporty look. The transfer speed is like that of the basic DSL connections and the option of WPA and WEP encryption is available. MAC filtering helps you to make sure that your data is not used in an unauthorized manner.

Broadband VS Dial-up

Broadband dial-upBroadband connection ushered us into the lanes of fast internet connectivity. While dial-up networking had its role to play earlier on, things changed dramatically once broadband hit the world. Broadband internet connections do not require buying a separate set and can work through the same telephone line. Dial-up networking requires a separate telephone connection. With dial-up, you need to pay for a local call each time you look to establish connection. This is not required when you are dealing with broadband connection.

Dial-up networking might claim otherwise but generally offer 64 kbps speed while broadband connection can offer 256Kbps easily. It can even go higher. While broadband internet connection has revolutionized the way modem can be connected over USB and wireless devices, dial-up requires a telephone line to work. This makes dial-up networking an old kind of a tool. In fact, the world looks to move even further ahead and soon broadband connections might even become passé.

Broadband USB modems

USB ModemBroadband USB modems are hotly pursued today. It provides fast broadband internet connectivity on laptops and notebooks. The broadband module can be shoved inside a USB port for the purpose of downloading n number of music, video and gaming files on the laptop. It has made the world of wireless internet connection easily accessible. Earlier, we had to either look for wire meshes or at any rare dial-up connections. These were slow and very bewildering. Each aspect has had a technological up gradation.

In fact, many are offering free modems with the broadband connection. This is in tune with the ideology to impart free handsets with mobile service connections. (A Blackberry with AT&T). You can install the modem without bothering to open the computer. This differentiates it from the PCI ADSL modem. Today, the broadband USB modems can be purchased through online sites and they do not undergo any risk while shipping as they are very compact.