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Benefits of marketing through social media sites

social media marketingOnline marketing is really popular today whether you have an online business or a brick and mortar store. There are different ways how you can promote your brand through the search engines but among these the most effective is surely marketing through the social networking sites.

Actually the social networking channels are widely used by people from all over the world. Thus your business profile on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or other such popular networking sites can get you connected with a wider market worldwide. Besides, the social networking sites are always an interesting portal to promote your brand as here you can market your business offers and news through videos and appealing snaps apart from the textual promotion.

Finally, the live chatting option from the social media sites allows you to be in direct communication with your consumers and establish a good rapport which is likely to result in elevated sales.

New rules of telecom marketing

marketingTelecommunication is a giant which looks to change its wings as it keeps expanding. The idea is to keep being dynamic or else it might fall behind. This is why telecom marketing keeps undergoing continuous alteration in rules. New rules of telecom marketing will lay greater stress on merging with the IT sector. It means that telecom will now blend with network managed services and a lot of brand value will be created there through vigorous marketing techniques.

Also, telecom marketing will change gears in the field of mobile telephony and look to create service providers which can cater to multiple services with tie-ups to set-makers. For instance, a service provider’s pace of setting up a navigation way finder, Geo-tagging unit sand GPS will be checked for and intensely marketed from now on. This will result in new culture where service providers will shift more sand to better value added services and wider set of functioning.