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LG Optimus 3D mobile phones

Are you planning to buy a new phone for yourself? Well then now read the following text and realize why the latest LG 3D optimus should be your perfect choice. This newest touch screen model from LG Mobile is slick, because it is only half an inch thick and it has got a very wide LCD screen of almost 5 inches. You can easily carry this phone in your pocket because it is only 5 inches long and 70mm wide.

A brilliant working 1.5 megapixel camera is situated in this phone which is front facing and all the buttons of this phone have been made in Android style. The edges of this phone are sharp and its corners are round which make it quite a perfect phone that could be used both by men and women. The back shell of the phone could be easily lifted where you can see the microSD card.

A review of the stylish LG GC 900

The LG GC 900 is a touch screen phone with 8-mega pixel camera. The phone has a Wi-Fi support and WVGA resolution screen. The screen is a multi touch one. The phone uses an S-Class 3D interface.

The phone also supports multi media function. This new model will fit into your hand comfortably, in spite of its length. This is 0.5 inches larger than the other models and has sensors which are sensitive to the light. The micro SDHC slot is located on the left side of the phone. The S-class 3D interface cube can be used for multi tasking when you press it for a long time.

The button for locking and unlocking the phone is located at the top of the phone. Also known as LG’s Smart phone, the camera of the phone is unique. It is an intelligent camera because it has an intelligent shot function. The camera is a distinguishing feature of the phone.

All about the LG CDMA 3000 mobile

The LG CDMA 3000 is one of the unique stylish handsets that have been used by LG after the concept of CDMA technology for cell phones first got introduced. It’s affordable by common man and has a lot of attractive features. The design and weight of the phone is outstanding. Weighing somewhat around 80grams it’s easier to carry around and has a very sleek surface that gives the look a classy effect.

This cell phone has a Hindi user interface since it’s made for the people of India. This interface allows the users to operate text messages and phonebook in Hindi. Not only SMS, but also LMS or Long Messaging Service is available on this phone. It allows three way call conferencing. Its technological advancement is marvelous as it has an integrated antenna to catch even weak signals. You also have an excellent PC connectivity to transfer media files.

With a battery of 3.3 hours and 200 hours of standby time it will never disappoint you. Other features include a 32MB flash memory with 300 phonebook storage capacity.

LG KS500

LG KS500LG KS500 is a 3G sliding mobile phone which has a posh black shaded casing. It’s slide opening device is even and has a user friendly keypad which doesn’t require much effort. The phone has its keypad positioned on the external part, where the user can easily and quickly enter numbers and text. If the phone is in a position, where its slide is closed, the user can still operate its calling keys, short – cut keys and navigation keys too.

The user can view the screen anytime even though the phone slide is in the open or closed position. The user will be able to view on the screen – around 262 shades and also experience a display resolution of two hundred and forty pixel by three hundred twenty pixel. This generally comes with a compressed but tough trendy casing which can weight up to one hundred and six grams over all and measures about 14.9 millimetre thickness.

LG KG225

LG KG225The LG KG225 is a sleek and curvy shaped mobile which is of black shade with a fine glittery finish. The exterior of this phone is curvaceous and smooth and a camera lens is placed on the handset’s front part. The screen is placed in the inner part, which is of one hundred and twenty eight by one hundred and twenty eight pixels and comes with a color display of 65k.

It’s keypad is merely placed out and visibly spaced which helps the user to operate it easily and quickly. The weight of the handset is seventy grams which is comparative considered light and the entire measure is 84.5 x 45 x 22.2 which offers a chunky and condensed feeling to this mobile which is actually suitable for its curvy appearance. The handset design is similar to Motorola PEBL, since these both have the same outlook curved and compact.