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The HTC Sensation XL: A Must Have Gadget

HTC Sensation XL, HTCHTC has launched its new phone the Sensation XL which is the third in its range of flagship smartphones.

Though lagging behind the first of its type in power, XL’s 4.7 inch screen brings it into the Sensation category. It comes with 16 GB internal memory with no external memory slot options, android OS v3.2 (gingerbread); upgradable to v4.x and has a primary camera of 8MP.

The secondary camera comes in 1.3 MP the HTC Sensation XL has the new Beats Audio technology which makes it a gadget absolute for entertainment alongside communication.

It is a Java enabled phone with touch screen that is capacitative, noted to have battery standby time of 460 hrs (3G). The HTC Sense 3.5 is enabled and as this is a Beats phone, you get a set of iBeat headsets in the box to customize your own music using Beats Profile.

Music soothes the toughest of man, and here comes the new cooler smartphone from HTC with great music options as well as other features. It is being called Monster Beats, so go grab it and put on those iBeats for some serious MUSIC!

(Note that only 12 GB memory is available to the user which is again divided for music and apps).

An account on the HTC7 Pro Phones

Are you bored with your old mobile phone? Well, if you are, it’s time to chuck it and get the latest phone in town. And for those looking for a new phone, nothing can be better than the HTC7 Pro. This great looking phone is making noises for all the right reasons.

The HTC7 Pro that comes with a slide out keyboard is really easy to carry around because it is lightweight. Along with the battery, the phone weighs 6.53 ounces. The display features of the HTC7 Pro are also wonderful. The 3.6” display screen is touch screen and has pinch-to-zoom facility. The display resolution is 480×800 WVGA.

Storage features of the HTX7 Pro are also great with internal storage of 8 GB, ROM 512 MB and RAM 576 MB. The phone has a 5 megapixel color camera with flash and auto focus. The HTC hub includes weather, stocks, sound enhancer, photo enhancer, downloadable games and apps.

HTC Touch

HTC TouchThe HTC Touch mobile named as HTC Diamond, is a touch-screen mobile phone from Windows, a professionalized device that has been placed to contend with iPhone. The TouchFlo line has been designed in a manner to improvise the feel while making use of a touch-screen handset. It is very successful in certain points like the new album – software.

This HTC model is a small built and eye catching instrument. The touch phone is a little broad, but slim enough to fit in our hands perfectly. It provides software programs for the business oriented functioning. The business people can be the most happiest while using the HTC Touch mobile phones, as they can find all requirements are fulfilled with this phone. It provides all options for management of calls. The contacts saved and other managerial software is also best handled.

In addition, this phone provides with great messaging software that manages e-mails and text messages brilliantly. This phone definitely takes us a step ahead on the correct path.