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Internet faxing

Internet faxingStepping up in this world of technology we often come across the letter ‘E’, attached with every other thing, e-banking, e-shopping, e-finance and it goes on. What does this “e” actually mean? Basically e stands for Electronic, means banking or shopping or financing online with the use of internet. So if internet is attached to almost all the useful things of our life why would fax be deprived of it?

Faxing is a process where we can send or receive important papers or documents from one place to another for a petty business owner setting up a fax machine would be a matter to think about. Traditionally the process of faxing involves quite a few things. First, having a fax machine then the cost of setting it up, cost of a phone line, and finally the extensive use of paper and ink. In order to avoid the above processes e –faxing or internet faxing is the best alternative.

Internet faxing is easy, reliable, fast, simple and time saving. It is as easy as sending an e-mail. Our faxes can be accessed anywhere and at any point of time if we have an internet connection. Internet faxing is getting great popularity with every passing moment, the reason behind this is that it’s cheap.

Now it is important to know how an internet faxing is done. Firstly signing up with an internet fax provider is important. We will be given a local or toll free fax number which can be given to all as contacts. We can send or receive fax through e-mails. These faxes are attached to e-mails in a pdf file. It is becoming a windfall in the present day business communication needs.

Internet faxing process in continuously getting improved and updated and it won’t be incorrect to say that in the coming years traditional fax machines would be a myth.

With every advantage comes their drawback. No matter how efficient and helpful e-fax might be it is not devoid of a hindrance. There is a possibility of someone hacking our e-mail account this will increase the chance of someone else seeing the information other than the recipient. This means that online fax is perhaps not a better option for everyone.

Importance of fax machine in an office

fax machine, faxWhen you start a small business there are many things that you have to take into account. And one such important thing is ensuring that you have all the required machines to run your office. One such machine is the fax machine. In fact, fax machines are an integral part of a business. Here are reasons why it is so important.

Fax machines will enable you to deal with all business issues. For example, if you are expecting a document from a government agency, you can get it immediately via the fax machine. Secondly, a fax machine will save a lot of money, the money you would have needed to spend on postage. Thirdly, agreements and business documents can be sent to recipients promptly through a fax machine. You can also work out your business conflicts a lot faster if you have a fax machine at hand. Fax machines will also help you to order new products faster.

How to send internet fax absolutely free of cost

internet fax, free internet faxToday we use the internet for varied uses such as shopping, booking tickets, watching movies and listening to songs, socializing, communicating, sharing pictures and handling our work. So why not use internet facilities for sending fax when you can do it for free? There is a limit to the number of pages that you can send and receive during a day but many websites have this offer. However, these are not for long-term use. These are only demonstrative plans so that if you are satisfied you can go ahead and buy the actual software from the website.


This is a new technology which has been introduced in recent times.  Just go online and register yourself. You will be given a specific fax number. This can help you receive and send faxes from one person to another anytime from any place.  It is a user-friendly service and it is as easy as checking emails and browsing the web.

How to choose the best online FAX service

Online FAX services are quite prevalent these days given the multiple advantages it provides compared to the conventional option. In case you too are about to take up a virtual FAX facility, here are some important points to consider.

There are plenty of websites that allow with the service but not all are effective equally. Thus, make sure to go for a market survey. Always opt for a reputed name that can offer within your affordability. Check for the website reviews and customer testimonials. It’s good if your chosen online FAX service provider offers for a free trial.

Then, find out the one that comes with several packages at different rates so that you can pick up the one as per your specific wants. For example, if you are not sending many faxes regularly, check that your service provider includes a package which would charge by page. However, ensure that there are no hidden charges involved in the packages.

Learn how to send FAX on Gmail

Do you have trouble accessing the different information system? Would you rather prefer to do all your emailing, faxing from one portal? Then here’s the good news, you can now send faxes from Gmail. Given below are the quick steps that you have to follow to do the same-

1) Sign up for an account with an email fax provider service.
2) After you sign up, link your Gmail account with the email fax service provider.
3) Once you have made the link you have to open your Gmail account, go to the compose mail option, compose your mail and in the TO option type in the fax number of the recipient.
4) You can also attach additional files along with your message. This is quite easy as Gmail has an attach files option where you can upload files directly.

Most of these email fax services are for free, so not only do you benefit from the service you get to do it free of cost. There are various collections of email fax service providers you can choose from.

How does online fax work?

There are various online fax operations which employ different means of sending online faxes. You might need to fix a kind of software for online fax that they would provide on your own computer. The software generally comes with a user friendly interface that guides you all through the method of fax sending.

It permits the user to select the files which you wish to send like faxes. At times, you might need to convert it to different file formats such as TIFF or PDF to send as fax.

There are other services which employ the encrypted site servers to send the faxes. You should log into the sites with a password and login name, upload the files, convert these to proper file formats then send these files to the required fax numbers. These online operations even offer virtual (local), fax or toll free numbers based on the location. It permits you to get the faxes online. Again, these might have the set up fees and additional costs involved.

A review on Brother IntelliFax-1960c Color Fax Machine

The Brother IntelliFax-1960c Color Fax Machine is a versatile machine that gives you fantastic prints, delivers fax and messages also. Most important advantage is that it is a cordless handset. It is also having an answering machine built inside it. All these features make it ideal for a small home office kind of environments.

This machine being a cordless, gives you an advantage as it is cordless, so it can be easily expanded to four handsets and this helps you to make a cordless system. Moreover it can fax three pages per second and it can adjust it speed itself according to the slower machines also. The message center inside helps you to store twenty nine minutes of message and you can easily erase the messages also. Its memory to store fax is commendable as it can store up to three hundred fax pages. This machine is a must buy for a home office environment.

Have you checked the internet fax?

Telecom, Tech, Internet FaxThings take time but slowly they develop. This is what evolution is all about and the same rule applies to technology. Once fax machines were considered enough. Today, e-mail fax services or internet fax services have arrived. These have many advantages. First, you do not require fax toners any more. In fact, you do not require the machines either. You can be on move and access your fax all round the clock through the e-mail facility.

There is never a busy tone as faxing is done via electronic mail. This raises you in the eye of the fax sender. In office set-ups, the senders are generally corporate clients. With such access, you can cut an impulsive deal without bothering if your fax will reach or contrarily, will an important fax reach you at an unearthly hour. With internet fax, you do not even require a second phone line.

Learn how to fax from the internet

Telecom, Tech, Internet FaxInternet fax is a noble idea and a novel one too. It has made accessing faxes at any given time quite possible. No more do you have to grapple with hard copies. Internet fax arrives through e-mails and is cheaper. It also allows multi-faxing because it’s finally the e-mails and any number of them can be created together.

First, you need to find whether the plan you are choosing is right one for you. You must also pre-assess if you are close to your web based account any given point of time. There are a stipulated number of faxes that can travel to and fro. Once, this limit is surpassed, you are charged per document. So it is important to get a customized plan which offers number of faxes that surely exceeds your need. If you have sent e-mails in the past, email faxing shall not pose any problem to you.

Why every business needs an internet fax service?

Telecom, Tech, Internet FaxInternet fax service is a rising mantra. It has completely revolutionized fax set-ups. Today, you no more require fax machines and toners. You do not have to settle for paper forms of fax being sent to you. Electronic mails have replaced the conventional fax.

These can be very handy in offices and corporate houses. Think about it. These are inexpensive and you can send virtually any number of emails at the same time hence it is like a multi-faxing set-up. The senders will never receive busy signals and thus your repute will obviously rise in their eyes.

You will be able to reach out to your fax via the internet mails at any time of the day. So you can cut deals, gather important information and process data while being on road or surveying a site or even when on a holiday.