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How to send large files online

send large files, online dataWant to send a very large CAD file to your client urgently, but you are unable to attach it to the email? Well, it is a very common problem faced by people when they need to send huge files. Emails can only send files up to 25 MB so there is no question of sending large files through them. But this cannot stop people from sending large files online. You can send files of any size via the various online file transfer service providing websites.

All you need to do is sign up and register at any of the reputed file transfer company website. They will provide you a link for activation which upon clicking will confirm your log in. You then need to click on send large file option after following the website instructions. Now, upload the file and provide the email address of the receiver. If your file size is above 2 GB you will have to install software provided by the website and follow the same procedure. The payment options for file transfer are through PayPal, debit card or online banking, depending upon the site.

DTH Technology and its impact

DTH stands for Direct to Home technology. This technology facilitates direct transmission of T.V. signal to the viewer directly to his/ home, so that they can enjoy superior picture and sound quality right from the comfort of the home. If you use this system of T.V. broadcasting services then it will eliminate the intermediaries like the cable operators. These broadcasters also offer various interactive applications like email, internet access, Vod , video conferencing, telemedicine etc. unlike conventional analog signals the picture quality and the sound quality that DTH provides is better. It is emerging as a very popular technology due to the various opportunities that it provides to its user.


The DTH service is functional in many countries like India, Europe, US, South Korea, Japan, Australia, Thailand and many more. It is known that Europe happens to have the largest market of this new technology. This technology has not penetrated the Asian countries as much as it has hit the first world nations like US and Europe.

Low cost data recovering option

Mistakes happen every day. In today’s world, almost all our work is done with the aid of computers and the latest hardware and software make all of our tasks easier. For this reason, our work related information and even all our entertainment files are stored in the form of documents and files in computers. Sometimes these highly valuable data may be lost due to mishandling, system crash or hardware crashes.  If you lose your data you can choose top of the line data recovery service providers to help out with the situation.

In order to get back these valuable data, various data recovery companies have come up with effective ways to make sure that every bit of your lost data is made available to you. In fact you can have access to the cheapest data recovery services over the internet, be it due to hardware or software problems. Many recovery companies have also come up with software that will allow users to recover their lost data themselves without having to burn a hole in their pockets.

Have you checked the internet fax?

Telecom, Tech, Internet FaxThings take time but slowly they develop. This is what evolution is all about and the same rule applies to technology. Once fax machines were considered enough. Today, e-mail fax services or internet fax services have arrived. These have many advantages. First, you do not require fax toners any more. In fact, you do not require the machines either. You can be on move and access your fax all round the clock through the e-mail facility.

There is never a busy tone as faxing is done via electronic mail. This raises you in the eye of the fax sender. In office set-ups, the senders are generally corporate clients. With such access, you can cut an impulsive deal without bothering if your fax will reach or contrarily, will an important fax reach you at an unearthly hour. With internet fax, you do not even require a second phone line.

Bluetooth connects wireless networking

Telecom, Tech, Wireless, BluetoothIf you are a gizmo freak, you must know about Bluetooth. It’s an application that wirelessly connects two devices. Earlier, there was infra-red but it required both the devices to be in sight of each other (more favorably in contact). Moreover, infrared was only good for a couple of machines. Bluetooth can help in connecting two or more devices through wireless technology.

Bluetooth uses a pint sized microchip that is the receiver as well as sender of signals. Bluetooth can work over 10 meters, in fact, this distance has been enhanced to 100 meters recently but then Bluetooth will consume a lot more power in the event. Ericsson, IBM, Intel, Toshiba and Nokia together formed the Bluetooth Special Interest Group.

If a device has official Bluetooth logo, it goes on to mean that it will let you access Bluetooth. Well! Thanks to King Harald Bluetooth for giving us this name and thanks to technology for giving us this application.

Why every business needs an internet fax service?

Telecom, Tech, Internet FaxInternet fax service is a rising mantra. It has completely revolutionized fax set-ups. Today, you no more require fax machines and toners. You do not have to settle for paper forms of fax being sent to you. Electronic mails have replaced the conventional fax.

These can be very handy in offices and corporate houses. Think about it. These are inexpensive and you can send virtually any number of emails at the same time hence it is like a multi-faxing set-up. The senders will never receive busy signals and thus your repute will obviously rise in their eyes.

You will be able to reach out to your fax via the internet mails at any time of the day. So you can cut deals, gather important information and process data while being on road or surveying a site or even when on a holiday.

Implementing a cost effective fax system

Telecom, Tech, FaxFax machines are a quintessential part of business set-ups. Fax systems mean exorbitant fax set-ups along with a lot of other network components. (Thanks to the wave that combines fax with internet). Fax mails can make the process cost effective. This way, the faxes would not arrive in paper form but via electronic mails or e-mails. Fax machines and fax toners would thus be easily cast out of the system. Would it not make for substantial price cutting?

Also, a company would be able to execute reception of multiple faxes at the same time. Lines will always be free because of the e-mail deliveries. This way, even the fax senders would rate you more highly.

Any service provider dealing with hosted PBX system can help you procure fax mail set-
up. The faxes are transferred over a digital file format and subsequently altered into e-mails.

What to look for in a fax machine

Telecom, Tech, FaxWell! You might be wondering that fax machines are fax machines after all. No, certainly not, a lot of detailing goes into its making and they come out differently. What Panasonic can offer may not be offered by an inferior brand and things have really changed since the introduction of internet-compatible fax machines.

Modem speed is a quintessential part of fax machine selection. If it’s less than 33.6 units, simply be wary of them. They will make for snail-pace transmission from both sides. Memory is the next big requirement. Yes, if the fax machine has memory specification in excess of 4 megabytes, it is recommended for you.

Another thing which immediately comes to the mind is resolution. You cannot surely do a lot if you can’t read what’s being faxed to you. High resolution makes legibility possible.

So you see, after all, it’s not just a fax machine.