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5 Ways Of Doing Online Conference

Online ConferenceOnline conferences are events which allow the events to be shared in distant places connecting many people across the globe. There are various ways of doing online conferences. Applications may include presentations, meetings, chatting and giving lectures from your computer. For some conferencing of the online version certain software and applications have to be installed and downloaded. Sometimes the conferencing is between two persons, sometimes between a person and group and sometimes among different groups.

Through video chats – this is the most common form of online conference which is also widely performed. Video chatting applications such as Skype, on certain social media handles like Facebook and Google chat and hangouts you can easily do the video conferencing online.

By texting through different modes – by common email chats to other platforms where texting is easily done for online conference, you can also involve live sessions of the question and answers. Text chatting can be made public and private depending on your choice.

Through certain sharing – sharing of the application, screen and desktop which enables the receiver to see everything that the presenter shows on the screen. In some applications of the screen sharing there is an allowance of controlling of the desktop remotely.

By audio communication – audio players with the usage of speakers and headphones you are enable to do audio communication of the conference online. Though this is cumbersome to understand but is also a way of online conference.

Through live and streaming video – this is a very intensive process. In full motion of the webcam, files of the multi media and through the video camera of the digital variant is pushed in front of a live audience. Hereby you can also present slideshows.

There also exists other methods of conference though not live but online as you can record the activity of the presentation and view it later. Usually there is a cost that you have to bear which is per minute depending on the type of conference. The three models of the online conference include software, the appliance and service of the hosting. To get comfortable with the online conference requires skill and is also challenging. In fact more daunting is to precisely conduct a meeting online. For business purposes online conferences are useful. The relationship between the workers remains intact and you do not have to bear extra cost for traveling.

Sometimes there arises a need for paying attention even if the person who is conducting the meeting and who is listening is not in the same room. You have to be a good facilitator in order to step up your ethics of online conference. You have to believe as if you are in office and conducting the business so there should not be guests and uninvited people while you conduct an online conference in your room with your computer. Focussing on the content, presenting the accurate slides are all business ethics that have to be followed during an online conference with people.

Ideas About Free Web Conferencing

Web Conferencing, ConferencesWeb conferencing facilities have brought about a whirling revolution in the world of conference calling. Now you can easily hold all your meetings and conferences by simply using your laptop or computer and an internet connection from anywhere and at anytime. Due to a number of benefits offered by many companies, web conferencing have become much more popular over the traditional phone line conferencing. Some of the reasons behind the growing popularity of the web conferencing over the traditional methods- web conferencing is much fast, it is very easy to use and moreover the whole thing is automated.

There are many companies in the market offering the web conferencing facilities but the before narrowing down on any particular company, you should judge the quality of service offered by them ad also the offer. Many companies are now even providing the video web conferencing instead of only audio web conferencing. This particular feature has made the web conferencing facilities widely accepted.

How to Use Web Conferencing to Lower Costs


The internet and technology today has gifted us with many wonders and benefits and web conferencing is also one of them. The internet has made the world a small place and you can interact with someone based thousands of miles away with just a click of a mouse. This is exactly the concept on which web conferencing works. Through it you can make meetings, seminars or business deals with other parties who are located in other cities, countries and even continents.

For a proper web conferencing to take place, you just need to have broadband connection and also a web camera. Through the web conferencing platform, one is able to make a face to face meeting online.

In addition to minimizing distance, web conferencing lowers your costs significantly. For attending a meeting, you need to travel a great distance and can easily participate in the event from the comfort of your office. Additionally, time is also saved.

Advantages of VoIP conferencing phone

Telecom, Tech, VOIPVoIP conferencing is the new mantra. It is letting corporate and business houses expand their business with super telephonic connectivity. VoIP conference phone or conference telephony through the medium of Voice over Internet Protocol is quite important in creating communication bridges pan globally.

Conference phones allow cordless conferencing. This means that many people can simultaneously be part of the talk-system or talk-chain. VoIP does not need tangible phone lines. It can very well operate over an internet network. All that is required is a feasible broadband connection and a stable bandwidth and network connectivity. The better your service provider is, higher are your chances of quality conferencing.

VoIP conferencing phones have Call Waiting, Auto Dial, Speed Dial, Caller Id, Inbound and Outbound Call Registers and various other packages. These are all offered very cheaply by the service providers and the best thing is that the call rates are equally reasonable.