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Advantages of predictive dialers

predictive dialersTechnology has made a huge leap in the current century. Following the huge advancements in the field of science and technology, marketing industry has also made such large developments. A very important aspect of the marketing industry is customer support. Due to the advancement in the communication sectors, getting connected the clients now days have become a cake walk. You can get connected to your valued customers in no time these days using the various dialers of which the predictive dialer sis the most famous due to the tasks it performs.

A predictive dialer handles calls, screens each and every call and separates them in terms of their final destinations. Those calls which are on the busy lines are put on the answering machine where promotions for other products of the company run continuously. However, only those calls are passed that get a live contact with the agent on the other end of the line. This decreases the wastage of time to a much greater extent and thus increases the efficiency of the agent to a much higher level. This type of dialer is very effective for the call centers that handle large volumes of calls every day.

There is an algorithm already set in the dialer and it works according to the algorithm. Thus there is maximum capacity utilization. The predictive dialers even have facilities to manage time zones and do not call lists. Of the various types of predictive dialers, the VoIP predictive dialer is the most popular as it serves multiple purposes. The VoIP dialer has a number of tools like automatic fax, SMS, e-mail, etc. Thus it can work according to the need of the customer. If the customer wants any information to be mailed or to be faxed, the customer support agent can do it in no time through the VoIP predictive dialer.

Why is video conferencing so popular now?

 video conferencing, business communicationPresently the concept of video conferencing has become very popular in the corporate world. There are many reasons behind this wide popularity of this concept. Video conference enables anyone to attend a meeting from overseas.

Also by this concept, we can hear speeches by some eminent personalities who live in some other country. In colleges and schools, guest faculties from foreign countries teach the students through video conferencing. And the most advantageous thing is that you can always interact with the person over the video conferencing. You don’t need much of extra arrangements for video conferencing. All you need is fast network accessibility, a screen, speakers and a microphone. Most corporate companies, nowadays take interviews through video conferencing thus saving the time of the higher officials of the company who don’t have to visit the cities for recruitment.

Tips on Making Cheap International Call

Cheap international calls, call abroadMany a times, it may so happen that you are need of travelling abroad frequently. This could be mostly due to work and business. In other cases, you might have relatives who live in other countries and you need to keep in contact at all times. International calls are costly and if you call people overseas on a daily basis you can go bankrupt within less than a year. So you need to find a plan which can help you make cheaper international calls.

Instant Messaging services are a good way to keep in touch with people overseas. This is cheap and fast and reliable and you don’t have to worry about extra charges as well. There are other internet based apps which can help you make online calls to your loved ones as you wish. Also you can download software which helps one make cheap international calls. Another option is to have an international SIM card which you would have to keep upgrading every time you go out.

Ways of staying connected during travel

In the world of highly connected network, it has become mandatory to always be able to surf the net, talk to your family and friends or even be able to do business deals on the move. Time is money in the true sense today and one can no more lose time during travelling. Technology has become very robust and there has been all kind of means to communicate and connect with each other these days.

With the mobile connections and wireless Internet on mobiles and tablets, one has become very close to their relatives and business. There are wireless USB devices, which can be connected to the USB port of a laptop on the move and then be connected to the Internet.

So, you are no more away from emails or websites and can take brilliant advantage of this feature. Mobile phones also have the capability of accessing your emails and websites.

Telecoms in China

Telecoms in China are largely run by three businesses which are all run by the state. These companies are China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom. These companies offer 3G services and they combine mobile and fixed-line businesses.

China is gradually letting in foreign operators into its market after a new law was passed when the country became part of the World Trade Organization. Most of the people in China believe they pay more for telecom services but foreigners think the services offered are convenient and affordable. A significant part of the 2nd generation telecom equipment used in China originates from North America and Europe therefore the Chinese companies are gradually moving to the African, South American and Southeast market.

The companies that offer fixed-lines in China are now gradually building their wireless LAN networks to offer customers better wireless internet access to match the progress that is going on in other countries.

Why Use a Reverse Number Tracker?

A reverse number tracker can work wonders for you! It is a type of an advanced tool which is used to find the name of the caller. If you are looking to get the name of the person who had called you, this process is perhaps one of the best ways to get it. You just need to have a computer with an internet connection and you will be easily getting someone’s mobile or landline telephone number.

Local people as well as police and investigators make use of the reverse number tracker system to get important phone numbers and details of the caller. The main objective of this process is to get the identity of prank callers. In case anyone is disturbing you by calling late at night, you can easily get the identity of the person by referring to the reverse number tracking system.

Installing a reverse number tracker is pretty easy and you can do it without spending huge amount of money.

Hosted PBX System

Hosted PBX System is one of the advanced technological innovations that have taken place in the recent years. It is a type of IP phone system which can be used, rented or leased on a monthly and annual basis. This means that you need not buy expensive or high cost equipments for your online purposes.

In case of the process of Hosted PBX System, the equipment is hosted and offered by the service provider. The communication is routed through the hosting process of the provider from the site or sites of the company. In case of the set up, it is very easy to predict the cost in terms of the operation. Another advantage is that you can easily install the set up and also operate the systems.

In case of the Hosted PBX System, as the usage and the operation of the user increases, the cost of installation goes down and at the same time, more information is routed to your server.

Sim free mobile phones


Sim free mobile phones are one of the newest editions of cell phones that are available in the market today. These phones do not have any SIM card attached and allows the user to insert the card of any network or service provider and enjoy great benefits.

In addition to being a wonderful tool for communication, Sim free mobile phones also come with lots of other advanced applications which make them so popular among consumers across the world. You can play various games, listen to music, and watch videos and movies, surf the internet or send messages and also take pictures through the camera in these phones. Apart from these, most of the models also have Bluetooth and Infrared connectivity which allows you to share data with other users.

To cater to the on going demand, well known cell phone companies are coming up with various models of SIM free mobile phones. Some of the companies are BlackBerry, Samsung, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, and Motorola and so on. The phones come with different prices based on the features and applications.

Have you checked the internet fax?

Telecom, Tech, Internet FaxThings take time but slowly they develop. This is what evolution is all about and the same rule applies to technology. Once fax machines were considered enough. Today, e-mail fax services or internet fax services have arrived. These have many advantages. First, you do not require fax toners any more. In fact, you do not require the machines either. You can be on move and access your fax all round the clock through the e-mail facility.

There is never a busy tone as faxing is done via electronic mail. This raises you in the eye of the fax sender. In office set-ups, the senders are generally corporate clients. With such access, you can cut an impulsive deal without bothering if your fax will reach or contrarily, will an important fax reach you at an unearthly hour. With internet fax, you do not even require a second phone line.

Advantages of VoIP conferencing phone

Telecom, Tech, VOIPVoIP conferencing is the new mantra. It is letting corporate and business houses expand their business with super telephonic connectivity. VoIP conference phone or conference telephony through the medium of Voice over Internet Protocol is quite important in creating communication bridges pan globally.

Conference phones allow cordless conferencing. This means that many people can simultaneously be part of the talk-system or talk-chain. VoIP does not need tangible phone lines. It can very well operate over an internet network. All that is required is a feasible broadband connection and a stable bandwidth and network connectivity. The better your service provider is, higher are your chances of quality conferencing.

VoIP conferencing phones have Call Waiting, Auto Dial, Speed Dial, Caller Id, Inbound and Outbound Call Registers and various other packages. These are all offered very cheaply by the service providers and the best thing is that the call rates are equally reasonable.