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4 Tips of Increasing Android Phone’s Battery Life

Tips of Increasing Android Phone’s Battery LifeIt seems to very much irritating that you needs to get the access over your charger and take it very where you are going because your android phone is not giving much of the importance to the battery life which you are expecting of. I know it feels sometime tiresome of getting this of the things with your but let me help you in getting or increasing android phone’s battery life which you can go for. well, there are many tips which can help you in the matters of going for increasing android phone’s battery life which you can go for experimenting in with your phone and not only that it is considered to be in the benefits of your because now you want be needed to hang up the charger with you every time.

This article will help you in getting the knowledge of the tips with the help of which you can go for increasing android phone’s battery life which is considered to be sounding in your benefits. Well, there are many tips which you can go for at the time of thinking of increasing android phone’s battery life like knowing for which reason or app is taking more of your battery usage in your phone, make the use of extra power saving mode which can help you in this matter of increasing android phone’s battery life.

Tips of increasing android phone’s battery life

  1. As stated above that there are many tips which can help you in the matters of increasing android phone’s battery life which you can go for trying up in your phone too. You need to keep certain things in mind that if your application is of no use which you have installed in your phone than it must be removed because it is considered to be absorbing more of your battery life of your phone which is considered to be giving damaging effect to your phone.
  2. Go for checking up for those applications of your android phone which are absorbing more of your battery life. This will help you in making them uninstall and it will result up in getting your with the process of increasing android phone’s battery life which you are in need of. In simple words we can say that it is considered to be important to know that which application is draining more of the battery of your phone.
  3. When you are no longer in the use of internet than it is more advisable of going for offing it up for certain time period which you are not going to use it. This will help you in getting all your battery which is being consumed by such data connection which you keep on. It is said that many of the time your android phone battery is maximum consumed by the internet which you are using from your phone.
  4. Make the use of power saving mode which is being applied by the all the android phones in the market. It will help you in saving up of your battery which is going to be helpful to you in return.

Cell Phones With longest Battery Performance (India Specific)

A cell phone is pretty much helpful, it’s not only helpful infact in today’s time it has become a necessity or rather we should say an addiction. Many of the important works are done through phone only nowadays but the actual problem arises when it becomes dead or out of battery. At that time you realize how much useful and important it was to you. Thus you should always prefer a phone which don’t leave you helpless and have long lasting battery.

Micromax Canvas power A96Micromax Canvas Power A96

• Processor 1.3 GHz MTK 6582M, Quad processor
• Screen size – 480*854 pixels, 5.0 inches (~196 ppi pixel density)
• Camera – 5 MP primary camera with auto focus, 0.3 secondary camera
• RAM – 512 MB RAM
• Memory – 4 GB expendable up to 32 GB via micro SD card
• OS android OS v4.2.2 (jelly bean)
• Battery capacity – 4000 mAh

Micromax A77 Canvas juiceMicromax Juice A77 Juice

• Processor mediate MT6572, CPU Dual- core 1.3 GHz cortex – A7, Mali – 400 GPU
• Screen size – 480*854 pixels, 5.0 inches (~196 ppi pixel density)
• Camera- 5 MP, 2592 *1944 pixels, autofocus, LED flash
• RAM – 1 GB RAM
• Memory – 4 GB extendable up to 32 GB via Micro SD card
• OS android OS v4.2.2 (jelly bean)
• Battery capacity – 3000 mAh

Lava FuelLava Fuel

• Processor Mediatek MT6582, Quad core 1.3 GHz cortex – A7, GPU – mali-400 MP2
• Screen size 480 *854 (FWVGA) Asahi glass, 16.7 million 16M colors, 12.7cm (5.0) inch screen
• Camera – 8 MP, 3264 * 2448 pixels, auto focus, dual LED flash, Secondary camera 2 MP
• Memory – Internal memory 8GB, micro SD up to 32GB
• OS- Android OS, v4.4.2 (KitKat)
• Battery capacity – Li-Po 3000 mAh battery

Gionee M2Gionee M2

• Processor 1.3 GHz cortex – A7 Quad core processor ARM mali-400 GPU
• Screen size-12.7 cm(5.0), FWVGA 480*854, support 16 M colors (~196 ppi pixel density)
• Camera – Primary camera – 8 megapixel with LED flash, secondary camera – 2 megapixel
• Memory 4 GB, expendable up to 32 GB via micro SD card
• OS- Android OS, v4.4.2 (jelly bean) Dual SIM
• Battery Capacity – 4200 mAh battery

Xolo Q 2500Xolo Q 2500

• Processor Mediatek MT6582, Quad core 1.3 GHz cortex – A7, GPU – Mali-400 MP2
• Screen size 720 * 1280 pixels, autofocus, LED flash secondary camera – 2 MP
• Memory 4 GB, expendable up to 32 GB via micro SD card
• OS android OS, v4.2 (jelly bean), upgradable to v4.4.2 (KitKat)
• Battery capacity – Li-Po 3000 mAh battery

Samsung-Galaxy-note-4Samsung Galaxy Note 4

• Processor 2.7 GHz quad core snap dragon 805 SOC
• Screen size 5.7 inch
• 3GB RAM, 32 GB ROM micro SD card up to 128 GB
• Camera – 16 MP AF Camera with LED flash and a 3.7 MP front unit
• Battery Capacity – 3220 mAh battery

Nokia-Lumia-1520Nokia Lumia 1520

• Processor 8.1 GDR1 its approximately 578 MB in size
• Screen size 15.24 cm screen with full HD display
• 2GB RAM and 16 GB ROM
• Camera 20 MP AF Rear camera dual LED flash and 1.2 MP front camera
• Battery capacity – 3400 mAh non removable Li-ion battery.

How To Fix A Broken Phone Screen

Broken Phone ScreenAre you worried because the delicate touchscreen of your mobile phone has cracked ? Well, rather than banging your head about where to ask for support, you can follow some simple guidelines and at least give it try to fix the broken screen of your cell phone.

Broken digitizer: In most of the touchscreen phones, the technique that is responsible for touchscreen facility is called digitizer. So, when the LCD or LED screen of your phone breaks, remember that fixing your digitizer is more important to sustain the touch facility of your phone.

Get organized: When you are ready to fix the broken screen of your cell phone, you should find a clear desk where you have sufficient light. Then remove all the essential parts such as battery, SIM card from your phone. Fixing the broken screen of a phone is not easy. You cannot do the job without having an adroit jewelry screwdriver.

Get started: In most of the popular touch screen phones like Samsung galaxy, Nokia Lumia or HTC, you will get to see a couple of tiny screws around the battery, that attach the screen of your phone with its base, so try and remove all those screws with the help of the jewelry screwdriver.

Remove torx screws: You will not be able to access the display screen of your phone until you remove all the torx screws. Once you are done with removing the screws, try to lift the metal chassis of your cell phone now. To remove the chassis, try to bend the PCB, but do not put so much force into it so that its shape gets disturbed you end up cracking it beyond repair.

Separate the display unit: While fixing the touchscreen of your phone, your aim should be to completely separate the display unit from the motherboard. Otherwise instead of fixing the display you may cause any harm to the motherboard that could stop your phone from working. Just near the display you will see the screen is attached with a couple of tapes with the mother board. Try to detach those tapes, but remember, again very carefully. Remove the locking element of your phone and this way your phone’s touchscreen unit will get completely detached with the mother board. Now you are free to work solely upon the screen.

Final do: Now, if you reach the section where you see that the display screen is attached with some adhesive gasket with the digitizer, then you should very carefully try to separate these two unit. For that you will have to produce some heat right beneath the joints of the digitizer and the gasket. Once, enough heated, both the parts will fall separate, but again you should know that it is no child’s job and to do it flawlessly it’s difficult without assistance from the professionals.

Get expert help:
If you think that after working till this far you need professional assistance to fix your phone, then you can visit the mobile store from your did you buy the handset or call the merchandise company directly and ask for a service number.
So, follow these tips and get your phone’s display fixed in no time.

To buy or not to buy a Dual SIM phone

Dual SIM phoneIn this modern era, the use of dual sim phones is very much in demand and in style among the young generation. It allows you to keep two different numbers. From a single phone you can receive or dial calls from two separate sim cards. Inexpensive dual sim phones have attracted large number of consumers in the market today making it quite difficult for the reputed companies for making dual sim phones.

The most important point why dual sim phones are very much required as it avoids the problem of using two different phones. Sales person, businessman who travels through different places and professionals especially needs dual sim phones. It helps to reduce the cost while travelling. During your travel you can make use of those service providers who charge less for receiving or making calls. People who want to use cheap phones will go for dual sim phones as they get the benefit of using two connections at the same time.

Brands like Samsung, nokia, motorala are getting to know that there is a massive sale of such dual sim phones so they are focusing more on manufacturing dual sim phones in place of cheap phones because some unpopular manufacturers are capturing the market by selling dual sim phones.

Beside these companies is also providing some eye catching features in the dual sim phones in order to make it more striking to the customers. Some features like audio and video player, Bluetooth facility, internet, camera etc are the major apparatus of dual sim phones. The various colors available and its glossy design have captured a huge market.
Thus we can say that it is preferable to buy dual sim phones as it offers more complex features, in the upcoming days more companies will come out with new models these types of phones.

How to take care of your Charger?

take care of your ChargerIn this modern era mobile gadgets such as mobile phones, smart phones, tablets, digital cameras has captured the global market. Internet surfing, inspection of mail online buying and many more are being performed by means of a gadget, smart phone or tablet.

In order to achieve full satisfaction, fully working battery is needed so that it works throughout the day without any problem. For this one should keep his phone charged through a device called battery charger. It should be utilized in such a manner that it maximizes the life of the battery. Previously every phone or tablet company offered different chargers for different phones but now universal chargers have been introduced in the market to reduce the charger wastes.

Every one needs a charger for any electronic device and customs do take care of the charger so that it can function properly and help the battery attain its utmost life cycle. Firstly we have to see that the charger is well suited or not for the device being charged. Using incorrect charger may damage your gadget.

You should also notice whether the device is charging when linked to the mobile phone or tablets through the phone’s pointer. If the pointer is not showing its any charging signal then it means either the phone is not properly linked or the charger is not functioning properly. In such a case remove your charger as soon as possible to prevent from being damaged. One should make sure that the mobile phones and chargers are free of rainfall and dampness before opening of the charging process. Do not shake or put it down as it can loosen the interior parts of the charger.

As soon as your phone or tablet is charged remove the pointer form your device and finally remove the charger from the socket. In this way you can take care of your charger and be secure of having a longer life battery.

Eco-friendly cell phone charging habits

Eco-friendly cell phoneTechnology is advancing by leaps and bounds and this has had a very positive impact of the human race. Technology has transformed the world into a global village where nothing is too far and nothing is inaccessible. However, there is a downside of technology as well and advancing technology has had an adverse effect on the environment. Therefore, the onus lies on every person to enjoy technological advancements in a responsible manner and ensure that its harmful effects on the environment are mitigated. Nowadays almost every single person has a cell phone and there are quite a few cell phone related eco-friendly practices that you should follow.

A little change in your cell phone charging habit can do a lot of good to our planet. Instead of charging your phone every time you come back from work, as a rule of thumb you must wait for the charge of your cell phone battery to be down to 10% before you plug in the charger. When you charge your battery, power it up to 100% but you should never leave it on to charge overnight. It takes a cell phone battery about a couple of hours to charge fully and when your battery has been charged to 90%, there is really not much need to charge it further.

Extending the life of your battery as much as possible is advisable since it would mean that you do not require a replacement for your battery for a very long time. You can extend the battery life by keeping your cell phone switched on throughout the day. It has been seen that more juice is used up to power on your phone from the ‘switched off’ mode. So, keeping your cell phone in the ‘sleep mode’ is always a better and more environmentally responsible thing to do.

Know-how on smartphone maintenance

smartphone maintenanceAre you lucky enough to have a smartphone at your grab? Well, a smartphone is a wonderful blend of excellent engineering, great functionality and superb style- no wonder you would always make sure to maintain it the rightmost way possible. The article here is a brief resource on handy smartphone maintenance tips.

The first and foremost tip here is to get the right cover for your phone. Remember, smartphones come up with delicate engineering and these prone to quick damage on a sudden fall. The smartphone covers here will act as a guard to protect your expensive investment. Moreover, you would need the smartphone cover to shield your phone from everyday dirt and dust. You must know that dirt and dust particles are extremely damaging for the device. Besides, the guard also acts as a good protection for the smartphone screen. Make sure to keep the phone always within the cover, even when you are speaking on it.

Be careful about the smartphone battery as well. An active battery life ensures good longevity of the device. It’s advised that you stay cautious about overheating or overcharging as this leads to quicker battery loss. Then, you must switch off the device at times to save the battery life, say for minimum 2 hours in every 24 hours. The smartphone users often complain about falling short of battery-make sure you aren’t one of them.

Then, you have to guard your smartphone with a premium anti-virus software. This is especially important if you are too much into downloading files through smartphone. You must know that a great lot of applications from unknown sources come infected with malware. Besides, you should clean out the older messages periodically to confirm that the phone does not get overloaded. Finally get a password protection for the device to hinder unwanted access to it.

Learn How To Conserve Your Smartphone Battery

Smartphone BatterySmartphones are in vogue these days given the high end engineering these devices come up with. But the real smart user is the one who knows how to conserve the smartphone battery life- after all, the functionality and durability of your smart device is hugely determined by its battery life. There are actually varied ways which can help you to preserve your smartphone battery. The post below jots down some necessary tips that can ensure the long life for your smartphone battery.

Turn off the vibrations

The vibrations are of course functional notifying you on all your calls & messages when the device is in silent mode. But you must know that the vibrations can eat up more battery power in comparison to the ringtones. Thus, it’s wiser to turn off the vibration mode when you are allows to keep your ringtones on. If you can’t turn off the vibrations, at least, reduce the magnitude.

Dim down phone screen

This is another very effective tip to protect the smartphone battery. If your phone screen is lit up brightly always, it would definitely zap up the battery juice. So, dim down the phone brightness whenever possible to assure long life for your battery. The auto-brightness setting in your phone allows to adjust the brightness level as per your needs, while conserving the battery life.

Switch off the device at times

You must keep your smartphone switched off at times because keeping the phone on 24/7 will consume a huge share of battery life. If you want to protect the smartphone battery, you should keep the phone off for at least 2 hours everyday.

Avoid overheating

You must prevent the smartphone from getting overheated. It’s because the battery will run out quicker if the smartphone is warm. Do not leave the device under direct sunbeam & never get your phone closer to anything hot.

Review of Galaxy Note II

Galaxy Note II, mobile reviewsThe Samsung Galaxy Note II is an enhanced version of the Galaxy note. The features of Note II are truly appreciable. The various features which are worth grabbing are attention are-
The pen- the pen is one of the most unusable accessory which it has. It has the ability of handwriting recognition for which it stands out. The pen is used not only to write but also draw and scribble. However there are some apps which make use of this pen.

The camera- it has an 8 megapixel camera which can even capture pictures in faint light. It has the burst shooting mode. It allows the camera to take rapid multiple shots in one go.
The motion and gesture control is unique. As soon as you pick up the phone it will inform you about the missed calls, messages and emails which you have received.
Various capacities of the Note are available. You will find it in 16GB, 32GB and 64GB.
The screen size is worth mentioning. Some however do not like the huge screen size as it make the phone big in size.

Tips to block unknown calls

Tips to block calls, call blockingGetting blank calls and unknown calls is an embarrassing thing that people often face with greater amount of irritation. The fake callers exist everywhere and these calls are also endless. However, there are a few successful ways of tracing these fake callers and restrict them from calling you. You must be very careful about taking proper steps to block the unknown calls. Though this is a little technical but you must not avoid it for long.

In case of both landline and mobile phones, you need to track the numbers first. You can use a CLI landline phone for tracking the number and then ask the local telephone office or service provider to block the number from their own database. These days, mobile service providers as well as landline service providers provide ‘Do not Disturb’ service which can be activated for free or for a nominal charge. This can stop fake calls and discourage unknown calls.