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LG CDMA mobile phone

Do you want to gift your brother a CDMA mobile phone on his birthday? Well, the LG CDMA mobile phones are really great and if you are looking for the best in the business you can get the LG Cookie Zip 510 CDMA. This great looking cell phone is full torch open market mobile phone. It has video online speed and broadband speed. Your brother will be able to browse the internet on this phone. The expandable memory of the LG Cookie Zip 510 CDMA is up to 4GB.

Some of the key features of the LG Cookie Zip 510 CDMA include 7.62 CM TFT Full Touch Screen, 2 MP Camera that has 2X digital zoom, 2MB internal Memory with Up to 4GB micoSD expandable, BREW 3.1.5, 5 hours talk time, high speed internet access, Bluetooth 2.1, FM radio, host of embedded games and much more. You can be rest assured that the LG Cookie Zip 510 CDMA will be the best gift that your brother receives on his birthday.

Which is better, CDMA or TDMA

CDMA, an abbreviation for Code Division Multiple Access is a digital cellular technology using frequency spectrum, which is much more efficient in comparison to a dedicated land-line. TDMA, an abbreviation for Time Division Multiple Access is a technology which delivers digital wireless service and uses the time division multiplexing channel. In this way, a single frequency or spectrum can handle several data channels.

Often people are curious to know as to which is more efficient – TDMA or CDMA. However, it is quite hard to specifically classify the superiority, considering both have their own pros and cons. For those, who are confused, TDMA is nothing but the same technology which existed in the GSM cellular technology till now.

In a perfect environment, a CDMA phone would provide sufficient service with a receiving signal level of -105 dBm, while TDMA would require -99 dBm. A 7 dBm advantage for CDMA still might not justify the superiority.

Sim free mobile phones


Sim free mobile phones are one of the newest editions of cell phones that are available in the market today. These phones do not have any SIM card attached and allows the user to insert the card of any network or service provider and enjoy great benefits.

In addition to being a wonderful tool for communication, Sim free mobile phones also come with lots of other advanced applications which make them so popular among consumers across the world. You can play various games, listen to music, and watch videos and movies, surf the internet or send messages and also take pictures through the camera in these phones. Apart from these, most of the models also have Bluetooth and Infrared connectivity which allows you to share data with other users.

To cater to the on going demand, well known cell phone companies are coming up with various models of SIM free mobile phones. Some of the companies are BlackBerry, Samsung, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, and Motorola and so on. The phones come with different prices based on the features and applications.

CDMA Phones Employs Spread Spectrum Technology

CDMA Phones, Spectrum TechnologyThe code division multiple access cellular is a form of spread spectrum signalling network with a special coding system. The CDMA technology is becoming popular and is utilized by all the major communication companies in the world such as LG, Samsung, Nokia and Motorola which have designed numerous phones with many incredible features.

One major advantage of the CDMA phones is that they can be used as Mac OS X or USB modem. New and thrilling variations in CDMA phone such as the cdma2000 and its variants the 1XEV-DO and 1X EV submits to alternatives of usage of a 1.25 MHz channel. They also have a narrow band massage signal and a pseudo noise code.

These phones have a GPS receiver and a cell phone CDMA-based clock. The phones work better inside buildings when the signal is used for reference clock purposes and it does not require a GPS antenna.