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Advantages and disadvantages of Bluetooth speakers

Bluetooth speakersThe world is really making progresses in the field of wireless technology. It is a rage amongst us people and is very difficult to imagine our lives without these devices and gadgets. Bluetooth first came into our lives through mobile phones where we could transfer data from our cellular phones to another persons’ cellular phone, after that came the Bluetooth hearing device where you could pick up calls by not actually pressing the receive button on your phone but by pressing the receive button on the device and not having to put the phone near your ear but the device would insert in your ear and that’s how it used to function. The latest Bluetooth device being the Bluetooth speakers where you don’t really have to listen to music my putting in your ear phones or ear plugs or wired speakers but by putting in this Bluetooth gadget and the change option would all be there. These Bluetooth speakers can operate if the distance between them and the receiver is of thirty feet.


First of all the good looks of these speakers and cheap price obviously have a great impact on their sale. They are affordable and attractive at the same time. They do not require installation CD’s and are very clutter free too. You can carry them around while listening to music as they are highly portable and there are no wires to cause hindrance too. They are highly energy efficient and do not take up large electricity consumption too. Plus they are compatible with all kinds of mobile devices.


The main set back of Bluetooth speakers is obviously the range in which it works. The receiver and speaker cannot be more than 30 feet away. Also the quality keeps decreasing as the distance keeps increasing. They are not as good as music players.

Bluetooth Speakers: Merits And Demerits

Bluetooth SpeakersWireless technology has become a rage among the people today. This technology has advanced in such a tremendous way that it is hard to imagine our lives without the presence of the wireless technology and wireless devices. One new innovation in the world of the wireless technology is the Bluetooth speaker. This kind of speaker works on the technology of Bluetooth and has really revolutionized the way in which we hear music.

The Bluetooth speakers do not work on two technologies: Infra-red and radio frequency. Both of these technologies are utilized by other wireless speakers. If the distance between the receiver and the Bluetooth speaker is around thirty feet then the speaker can function without any difficulty. This article will list down a few merits and demerits of the Bluetooth speakers.


Bluetooth speakers are energy efficient and you do not require hefty amount of electrical energy to help them function. You can easily roam around from one place to another while carrying the Bluetooth speakers as they have a light weight and are portable. Clutter and wires can be avoided since these speakers are wireless. Installation of the Bluetooth speakers is not required. You do not have to get hold of installation CDs or drivers to establish a connection between the receiver and the speaker. Bluetooth speakers are compatible with any kinds of mobile phones. These even look highly attractive and have an affordable price.


The range of these speakers is quite short. The receiver and speaker must be placed at a distance of thirty feet; otherwise the speakers will not work. The sound quality of Bluetooth speakers is not as good as the sound quality of the normal speakers. Bluetooth speakers do not always work well with music players.
All in all Bluetooth speakers are an ideal option for those who love listening to music.

Benefits of waterproof Bluetooth headsets

waterproof Bluetooth headsetsBluetooth headsets are normally wireless headsets and enable you to take calls even you are driving or doing some other work. With the advancement of technology, the Bluetooth headsets are getting even more and more developed and people are getting attracted towards them. To facilitate the movement of the man, the waterproof Bluetooth headsets were recently launched in to the market.

There are several benefits of these waterproof headsets. Suppose you are riding a bike in a heavy rain and just at the moment a call comes which you will have to answer or else you will incur huge loss. You will have to look for some shed, park your bike out there and then take out your phone and answer the call. It may so happened in between this the call has already ended.

With a waterproof Bluetooth headset, you can answer the call even under huge rain. There is no fear of the headset getting damaged since the IC of the headset is jacketed which prevents any water from coming in contact with the IC. So you can now easily answer your calls using your water Bluetooth headset even you are swimming or when you are walking on road under heavy rain.

Review of the Garmin Nuvi 3790LMT Bluetooth GPS Navigator

Bluetooth GPS Navigator, BluetoothDo you want to know about the latest garmin nuvi 3790 lmt Bluetooth with which you can download endless amount of audio and video data? Well then you should know that this Bluetooth comes with the brilliant nuroute, glass display and traffic features along with the terrain view facilities.

The new nuvi Bluetooth is only 3 inches of size and therefore it is very portable and light weight device. The price of this Bluetooth is only $30 and you can save the shipping charges if you order for it online. If you want to get constant traffic updates while in outside then this is the device you should go for.
The GPS navigator of this device is the thinnest ever navigator that world has ever produced, with this device you can easily switch between the 3D and 2D map views. It makes sure that all your data including maps and traffic updates are always current.

Review of the Jabra Bluetooth car speaker

Jabra Bluetooth car speaker, car speakersWith increased driving risks, a strict surveillance on drivers has forced drivers to dump the traditional ways to attending calls using mobile devices and this led to the booming of another section of the electronics industry with Bluetooth car speakers. The Jabra Bluetooth Car Speaker poses the bests of the specifications. It is the sleekest of all other options and comes with an easy installation guide.

With incoming calls, it has the ability to match with the preset contact list and comes with both Vibrate and ringer mode. It runs on Bluetooth version 3.0 and comes compatible with other devices same Bluetooth version or higher. Its security enabled and operates at range of thirty three feet. Can be paired with eight devices and has a talk time of twenty hrs and standby time of forty five days. It has one year warranty and has noise reduction capability along with hosts of other specifications. The buttons are well set and it has many call connecting options. It also poses a power switch and an USB port too.

Pros and cons of Bluetooth motorcycle intercoms

Bluetooth motorcycle intercoms,bluetoothIn a cycling competition, maintaining voice communication between the riders of the same team is of utmost importance to device any kind of new strategy or to abort a decided plan. The Bluetooth motorcycle intercoms enable the riders to maintain uninterrupted communication even if they are at distance of 490 feet apart. Getting it installed is an absolute piece of cake and you can also receive calls using the Bluetooth motorcycle intercoms if you get it connected with the Bluetooth on your cell phone.

The Bluetooth motorcycle intercom is very easy to use and is also water resistant which means that you are ensured of absolute communication even in torrential downpour. The volume is also automatically adjusted according to the surrounding sound level. The only downside of using it is the fact that the Bluetooth intercoms need to be paired to ensure transmission of voice. Sometimes even after a lot of effort, the devices fail to get paired and if they do, the signal strength is weak which results in the loss of communication completely.

The best Bluetooth ear buds in the market

Ear buds of the phone are one of the most important parts of the phone. It makes your music experience worth remembering without wires. If you want to buy a wireless ear buds and if cost is not a real concern. Then you can look for many different ear phones available in the market. You will find many wireless ear buds from several companies. While looking for it you should keep in mind the Bluetooth specification of the ear phones.

While selecting the ear buds the two ear buds will surely bring your mouth water. The Sennheiser is a company known for delivering the best sound equipments. The MM200 is the Bluetooth headset from the company is sure to take your heads off. The other one that is best in business for Bluetooth sound is the JF3 freedom Bluetooth headset from jaybird. This is a new headset but with fairly good quality sound. So before buying the earphone take a good look about the other models available in the market.

Ways Of Keeping The Bluetooth Device Safe From Hackers

The world of technology has evolved with times with greater speed. Along with the technology, the world of technical thieves and hackers has also grown in a wide range. The mobile Bluetooth are also under the threat of scammers and hackers. Using the Bluetooth of the various phones the hackers can easily steal the important data and other documents from your cell phone. So keeping your phone safe from these hackers is a very important task.

As the Bluetooth is very famous and available in every phone may it be the cheapest phone or the costliest one. To avoid the hackers from hacking your phone it is advisable to pair your devices using a secret security pin known only to both of you. Also it is advisable for you to pair with only known people. By this you can keep your phone safe from the hackers. You can also keep your phone safe by keeping your Bluetooth off when not needed. Follow these few tips to keep your phone safe.

Advantages of using Bluetooth handset

Using Bluetooth technology is an advantage in itself. This technology allows you to connect two devices without using any wires. Bluetooth is now used in headsets, handsets, cell phones and computers. Some game consoles also use Bluetooth technology.

When you use a Bluetooth handset, you have a wireless world in front of you. Configuring a Bluetooth device is very easy and the power consumption of the device is also less. You can transfer any kind of data between two Bluetooth supporting devices. A Bluetooth handset allows you get data from anywhere. The data is also handy. A Bluetooth device is usually compatible with any other device which supports Bluetooth.
Thus you can transfer data from your handset to any other device.

The technology is inexpensive. And the cost of manufacturing and implementing is less too. A Bluetooth device contains inexpensive circuitry so it is easy for the user to save money while using it.

How Bluetooth helps to connect your PSP to the internet

Technology has made the world small. A person who may be continents away from you can now talk to you face to face while online. Being updated with all this technology gives you an access to any part of the world and almost any facility available. Here, we will try to help you by charting out certain steps to show how to use Bluetooth to connect your PSP to the internet.

Firstly, check whether your Bluetooth device supports Dial-up Networking (DUN).  If it does, simply follow the procedure below:

  • Go to Settings, then Bluetooth, then Device Settings – manage Bluetooth device. After this follow the instructions that will appear on the computer screen.
  • Next, choose Settings, Network settings, Infrastructure mode
  • Click on New connection
  • Choose Bluetooth modem device
  • In the final step select the Bluetooth that you had registered in the initial step

After this, follow another set of instructions on the computer screen to complete the full process. And finally when you have to connect your computer to the internet, select from the range of connections you are provided. Your easy connection has been made. Stay connected to happiness and technology.