How to remove malware from MAC

malware from MACA most recent scam has been attacking mostly the Mac users. This scam redirects the users from genuine sites to false websites and informs them that their Mac has been infected by a virus. They are given a choice to download software that will protect them from such viruses. Such software is available in different names such as ‘MacDefender’, MacSecurity’ and ‘MacProtector’. These are actually malwares that aim at obtaining certain personal credit information from them and use them for fraudulent activities.

To overcome this problem Apple has come out with a security update 1011-003. This allows the user to update their software without any cost. It automatically detects and clears all the malwares. Below are some instructions that you can follow to get rid of the malwares.

• How to keep away from the malware installation?

If you see any notification concerning any viruses on your screen then you must first quit the browser. If this does not happen in one attempt then you must ‘force quit’ your browser. There can be instances where your browser may install this malicious software on its own. You must cancel the process and be sure of the fact that you do not enter your password. You must go to the location for all downloads and pull the installer to the trash and then empty it.

• Removing the malware

If you take notice of any such malwares that has already been installed to your Mac, then do not provide all your credit card information or any other sensitive inputs under any condition. For the removal of all such software, follow these steps:

1. You should close the scan window.
2. Then go to the ‘Applications’ folder and then into ‘Utilities’ folder. Launch the ‘Activity Monitor’.
3. From the pop up menu select ‘All Processes’ found at the north east corner your window.
4. Go to the ‘Process Name’ column and then search for the names of all the installed apps and click on it.
5. Then go to the ‘Quit Process’ option in the north west corner of your window and select the quit option.
6. Cancel the ‘Activity Monitor Application’.
7. Enter the ‘Application’ file and find out the app.
8. Pull this application to the ‘Trash can’ and the empty it.

It is extremely important for all the users to know that the genuine security updates are provided by Apple only through ‘Apple Support Downloads’ and ‘Software Update’ sites. The users must be careful when they are asked for personal information.

What Is The Best Way To Back Up your Data?

data back upBacking up date as the name itself suggests is your licence to happier times during crisis.

Here is a guide on how to back up your data easily:

Look for a proper storing device: a device which is relatively bigger (in inbuilt space) is the best option. The closest would be an external hard drive, big enough to store every data. It is portable so your data remains safe with you and accessible by you at any possible time. Apart from this creating a partition may also serve as an option but hard drives getting corrupt and not working is a regular feature across the computers and thus not reliable.

Online backup service is really significant when you are looking to ensure an optimum possible backup for your data. You may have got a solid external hard drive for data backup but what if it gets stolen or corrupted or misplaced? Well, this is where you would need the additional support from the virtual data backup service. In this case, your entire data stays stored online and hence no accident or stolen/misplaced/corrupted hard drive can do anything to your data. With an online storage you would be able to access the files from any computer, anytime, regardless of the situation of your local storage. Just make sure that your online data backup company uses redundant servers to ensure best security for your valuable data. Moreover, there should be SSL encryption on your data to steer clear of the hackers.