Business mobile applications

Business mobile applicationsToday’s world involves the usage of i-phones, Smartphones or your tablets to such an extent that life without them would be impossible. However these appliances are more misused than used and cool consumer apps are more widely circulated and used around the world than the ones which actually help. If you have a business of your own then this article is going to show you a few apps which are really helpful for the growth of your business. In a business you need different apps for different purposes:

Business social networking apps: these apps help you stay connected to other business firms (colleagues) and your fellow workers. Through this app you can also make your profiles and be there for people to get details about you and your firm. This helps in expansion. There are apps like- LinkedIn, addappt, campfire, cardMunch, Bizzabbo, yammer and hootSuite. These are pretty much social networking websites only and help to connect.

Business productivity apps: these apps basically help you to work at a higher speed thus making you more productive without making mistakes. They include Audio Memos app which make recording of things you find important and save them in a particular drop box, LectureNotes is an app which allows you to make diagrams like pi charts and graphs for later references. It also allows you to take down notes in your own handwriting.

Business travel and entertainment apps are the ones which help businessmen to plan their trips (official and business) and help in organising meetings. TripIt is one such app which manages the time and as if by magic organises and makes a schedule for your entire business trip. Waze is an app which chalks out the entire map to the route you are taking and automatically cuts out the ways and roads which are in all probability heavily crowded by people.

To buy or not to buy a Dual SIM phone

Dual SIM phoneIn this modern era, the use of dual sim phones is very much in demand and in style among the young generation. It allows you to keep two different numbers. From a single phone you can receive or dial calls from two separate sim cards. Inexpensive dual sim phones have attracted large number of consumers in the market today making it quite difficult for the reputed companies for making dual sim phones.

The most important point why dual sim phones are very much required as it avoids the problem of using two different phones. Sales person, businessman who travels through different places and professionals especially needs dual sim phones. It helps to reduce the cost while travelling. During your travel you can make use of those service providers who charge less for receiving or making calls. People who want to use cheap phones will go for dual sim phones as they get the benefit of using two connections at the same time.

Brands like Samsung, nokia, motorala are getting to know that there is a massive sale of such dual sim phones so they are focusing more on manufacturing dual sim phones in place of cheap phones because some unpopular manufacturers are capturing the market by selling dual sim phones.

Beside these companies is also providing some eye catching features in the dual sim phones in order to make it more striking to the customers. Some features like audio and video player, Bluetooth facility, internet, camera etc are the major apparatus of dual sim phones. The various colors available and its glossy design have captured a huge market.
Thus we can say that it is preferable to buy dual sim phones as it offers more complex features, in the upcoming days more companies will come out with new models these types of phones.

How to take care of your Charger?

take care of your ChargerIn this modern era mobile gadgets such as mobile phones, smart phones, tablets, digital cameras has captured the global market. Internet surfing, inspection of mail online buying and many more are being performed by means of a gadget, smart phone or tablet.

In order to achieve full satisfaction, fully working battery is needed so that it works throughout the day without any problem. For this one should keep his phone charged through a device called battery charger. It should be utilized in such a manner that it maximizes the life of the battery. Previously every phone or tablet company offered different chargers for different phones but now universal chargers have been introduced in the market to reduce the charger wastes.

Every one needs a charger for any electronic device and customs do take care of the charger so that it can function properly and help the battery attain its utmost life cycle. Firstly we have to see that the charger is well suited or not for the device being charged. Using incorrect charger may damage your gadget.

You should also notice whether the device is charging when linked to the mobile phone or tablets through the phone’s pointer. If the pointer is not showing its any charging signal then it means either the phone is not properly linked or the charger is not functioning properly. In such a case remove your charger as soon as possible to prevent from being damaged. One should make sure that the mobile phones and chargers are free of rainfall and dampness before opening of the charging process. Do not shake or put it down as it can loosen the interior parts of the charger.

As soon as your phone or tablet is charged remove the pointer form your device and finally remove the charger from the socket. In this way you can take care of your charger and be secure of having a longer life battery.