Advantages and disadvantages of Bluetooth speakers

Bluetooth speakersThe world is really making progresses in the field of wireless technology. It is a rage amongst us people and is very difficult to imagine our lives without these devices and gadgets. Bluetooth first came into our lives through mobile phones where we could transfer data from our cellular phones to another persons’ cellular phone, after that came the Bluetooth hearing device where you could pick up calls by not actually pressing the receive button on your phone but by pressing the receive button on the device and not having to put the phone near your ear but the device would insert in your ear and that’s how it used to function. The latest Bluetooth device being the Bluetooth speakers where you don’t really have to listen to music my putting in your ear phones or ear plugs or wired speakers but by putting in this Bluetooth gadget and the change option would all be there. These Bluetooth speakers can operate if the distance between them and the receiver is of thirty feet.


First of all the good looks of these speakers and cheap price obviously have a great impact on their sale. They are affordable and attractive at the same time. They do not require installation CD’s and are very clutter free too. You can carry them around while listening to music as they are highly portable and there are no wires to cause hindrance too. They are highly energy efficient and do not take up large electricity consumption too. Plus they are compatible with all kinds of mobile devices.


The main set back of Bluetooth speakers is obviously the range in which it works. The receiver and speaker cannot be more than 30 feet away. Also the quality keeps decreasing as the distance keeps increasing. They are not as good as music players.

Eco-friendly cell phone charging habits

Eco-friendly cell phoneTechnology is advancing by leaps and bounds and this has had a very positive impact of the human race. Technology has transformed the world into a global village where nothing is too far and nothing is inaccessible. However, there is a downside of technology as well and advancing technology has had an adverse effect on the environment. Therefore, the onus lies on every person to enjoy technological advancements in a responsible manner and ensure that its harmful effects on the environment are mitigated. Nowadays almost every single person has a cell phone and there are quite a few cell phone related eco-friendly practices that you should follow.

A little change in your cell phone charging habit can do a lot of good to our planet. Instead of charging your phone every time you come back from work, as a rule of thumb you must wait for the charge of your cell phone battery to be down to 10% before you plug in the charger. When you charge your battery, power it up to 100% but you should never leave it on to charge overnight. It takes a cell phone battery about a couple of hours to charge fully and when your battery has been charged to 90%, there is really not much need to charge it further.

Extending the life of your battery as much as possible is advisable since it would mean that you do not require a replacement for your battery for a very long time. You can extend the battery life by keeping your cell phone switched on throughout the day. It has been seen that more juice is used up to power on your phone from the ‘switched off’ mode. So, keeping your cell phone in the ‘sleep mode’ is always a better and more environmentally responsible thing to do.

Bluetooth Speakers: Merits And Demerits

Bluetooth SpeakersWireless technology has become a rage among the people today. This technology has advanced in such a tremendous way that it is hard to imagine our lives without the presence of the wireless technology and wireless devices. One new innovation in the world of the wireless technology is the Bluetooth speaker. This kind of speaker works on the technology of Bluetooth and has really revolutionized the way in which we hear music.

The Bluetooth speakers do not work on two technologies: Infra-red and radio frequency. Both of these technologies are utilized by other wireless speakers. If the distance between the receiver and the Bluetooth speaker is around thirty feet then the speaker can function without any difficulty. This article will list down a few merits and demerits of the Bluetooth speakers.


Bluetooth speakers are energy efficient and you do not require hefty amount of electrical energy to help them function. You can easily roam around from one place to another while carrying the Bluetooth speakers as they have a light weight and are portable. Clutter and wires can be avoided since these speakers are wireless. Installation of the Bluetooth speakers is not required. You do not have to get hold of installation CDs or drivers to establish a connection between the receiver and the speaker. Bluetooth speakers are compatible with any kinds of mobile phones. These even look highly attractive and have an affordable price.


The range of these speakers is quite short. The receiver and speaker must be placed at a distance of thirty feet; otherwise the speakers will not work. The sound quality of Bluetooth speakers is not as good as the sound quality of the normal speakers. Bluetooth speakers do not always work well with music players.
All in all Bluetooth speakers are an ideal option for those who love listening to music.

Know-how on smartphone maintenance

smartphone maintenanceAre you lucky enough to have a smartphone at your grab? Well, a smartphone is a wonderful blend of excellent engineering, great functionality and superb style- no wonder you would always make sure to maintain it the rightmost way possible. The article here is a brief resource on handy smartphone maintenance tips.

The first and foremost tip here is to get the right cover for your phone. Remember, smartphones come up with delicate engineering and these prone to quick damage on a sudden fall. The smartphone covers here will act as a guard to protect your expensive investment. Moreover, you would need the smartphone cover to shield your phone from everyday dirt and dust. You must know that dirt and dust particles are extremely damaging for the device. Besides, the guard also acts as a good protection for the smartphone screen. Make sure to keep the phone always within the cover, even when you are speaking on it.

Be careful about the smartphone battery as well. An active battery life ensures good longevity of the device. It’s advised that you stay cautious about overheating or overcharging as this leads to quicker battery loss. Then, you must switch off the device at times to save the battery life, say for minimum 2 hours in every 24 hours. The smartphone users often complain about falling short of battery-make sure you aren’t one of them.

Then, you have to guard your smartphone with a premium anti-virus software. This is especially important if you are too much into downloading files through smartphone. You must know that a great lot of applications from unknown sources come infected with malware. Besides, you should clean out the older messages periodically to confirm that the phone does not get overloaded. Finally get a password protection for the device to hinder unwanted access to it.