Advantages of predictive dialers

predictive dialersTechnology has made a huge leap in the current century. Following the huge advancements in the field of science and technology, marketing industry has also made such large developments. A very important aspect of the marketing industry is customer support. Due to the advancement in the communication sectors, getting connected the clients now days have become a cake walk. You can get connected to your valued customers in no time these days using the various dialers of which the predictive dialer sis the most famous due to the tasks it performs.

A predictive dialer handles calls, screens each and every call and separates them in terms of their final destinations. Those calls which are on the busy lines are put on the answering machine where promotions for other products of the company run continuously. However, only those calls are passed that get a live contact with the agent on the other end of the line. This decreases the wastage of time to a much greater extent and thus increases the efficiency of the agent to a much higher level. This type of dialer is very effective for the call centers that handle large volumes of calls every day.

There is an algorithm already set in the dialer and it works according to the algorithm. Thus there is maximum capacity utilization. The predictive dialers even have facilities to manage time zones and do not call lists. Of the various types of predictive dialers, the VoIP predictive dialer is the most popular as it serves multiple purposes. The VoIP dialer has a number of tools like automatic fax, SMS, e-mail, etc. Thus it can work according to the need of the customer. If the customer wants any information to be mailed or to be faxed, the customer support agent can do it in no time through the VoIP predictive dialer.

Wired keyboard or wireless keyboard?

Wired keyboardDo you want to purchase a new keyboard for your computer but are confused about whether you should get a wired keyboard or a wireless one? Well, wireless keyboards are a rage at the moment and a lot of people are opting for them because of their sleek designs and also because they reduce the clutter on your desk. However, you need to understand that as far as wireless keyboards are concerned, the sleek design comes at a price. So before you invest in a keyboard you need to compare the wired against the wireless ones and they decide which will suit your needs the better.

One of the most crucial advantages of a wireless keyboard is the convenience. Using a wireless keyboard means that you will not have to be bothered about tangled wires and you will also be able to sit farther away from the computer screen. A lot of people have their computers hooked to their television screen and using a wireless keyboard gives them the freedom to access the media sitting on their couches.

You, however, have to clearly understand that one of the biggest disadvantages of a wireless keyboard is the input lag potential. Input lag means the delay between hitting the keys and the results appearing on the screen. Poor wireless connection and not-so-good wireless interface can result in this input lag. Input lag can also be a result of poorly designed wireless keyboard. It has been seen that wireless keyboards suffer from input lags especially when you play computer games.

As far as wired keyboards are concerned, they get their power from the computer itself so you do not need to worry about the battery life. Meanwhile a wireless keyboard runs on battery and you will have to remember to charge it at regular intervals.