Review of the HP CP1025 Laser Printer

 HP CP1025 Laser Printer,  Laser PrintersIf you are looking for a good printer for your work or home related requirements then you have a wide variety of choices these days. Different brands have launched printers which have various features and drivers which can be used for different purposes. HP is one of the best brands to choose from and their products are always well updated with newest additions and features. You can definitely go for the HP LaserJet Pro CP1025 Color Printer Series which looks very promising and exciting.

It is compatible with Windows and MAC and its compact look fits right in with today’s advanced computer systems and laptops. It gives out panorama sized printouts and it works on the drop on demand inkjet system. For an average printout session it takes about 40 watts maximum power consumption. Because this an energy star production, it works on the basis of low power usage system.

Tips to block unknown calls

Tips to block calls, call blockingGetting blank calls and unknown calls is an embarrassing thing that people often face with greater amount of irritation. The fake callers exist everywhere and these calls are also endless. However, there are a few successful ways of tracing these fake callers and restrict them from calling you. You must be very careful about taking proper steps to block the unknown calls. Though this is a little technical but you must not avoid it for long.

In case of both landline and mobile phones, you need to track the numbers first. You can use a CLI landline phone for tracking the number and then ask the local telephone office or service provider to block the number from their own database. These days, mobile service providers as well as landline service providers provide ‘Do not Disturb’ service which can be activated for free or for a nominal charge. This can stop fake calls and discourage unknown calls.

Fiber optics a better option compared to cable based network

 cable based network, networksCable based networks were very popular when they were first introduced. They were used for entertainment, telecommunication and cable television and internet connection. But with the advent of fiber optics the use of cable networks became obsolete because they were so light and it used electric forms to transmit data. The transmissions happen with the help of copper wires that are placed carefully inside the fiber optics. The data to be transferred is first translated into different electrical signals and that is how the transmission rates vary.

With internal reflection principle the transmission of data is performed faster than the cable based network. Cable based networks were not environment friendly but if you see fiber optics they are completely different from cable networks. They are much more environment friendly and are more reliable than the coaxial cables. The broadband speed of the fiber optics is faster than cable based networks.

Top three business phones of 2012

business phones, business techBusiness phones can also be termed as smart phones. A business phone should have the following features… Display should be minimum 2.4 inches and the resolution should be high. 3G and wifi based internet connectivity is compulsory. Business phones are coming with capacitive full touch screen. Business applications should be easily downloaded and installed. An inbuilt email client is a must. And most important of all the features is the battery life.

For the past 2 years most of the business phone market is dominated by two operating systems, that is iPhone OS (IOS) and Android OS. IPhone is from Apple computers and phones with android OS is manufactured by various companies.

Here is a list of top 3 business phones of 2012

1. “iPhone 5”, IOS phone manufactured by Apple Computers.
2. “Galaxy S3”, Android OS phone from Samsung.
3. “Lumia 920”, Windows phone from Nokia.

You can check out the full feature list from other web sites.