All about 3G contractual phones

3G contractual phonesToday man is completely dependent on technology and science. Mobile phones are an indispensable part of our life. 3G is the new technology which results in the increase of the speed of mobile phones and the data transfer rate. Contractual phones refer to the deal that the buyer enters with the network provider. The time period of the contract varies. 3G contractual phones do come with attractive offers and plans.

They offer you with additional talktime, free texts and discounted calling rates. Gifts like i-pods, vacuum cleaner, DVD players and laptops are also offered. It is costly compared to prepaid cell phone plans and therefore it is not affordable by many users. Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, Blackberry and Sony Ericsson are the mobile phone companies which offer 3G contractual phones. Hi tech features like video conferencing and video calls are available. There are certain attractive contractual phone packages for you enjoy the low rates and better service.


What is the major difference between 3G and 2G internet?

3G internet, 2G internetThe technologies of the telecom of second era gas been shortened to form the type of 2G. The technology of Grams have evolved to 2.5 Grams, which is known as the GPRS. Then there is another version of the 2.7 Grams that is known as the EDGE. The technology of 2 Grams is capable of offering you clarity in the tone of the voice during phone calls. The frailty or roaming is also made available in the services of the technology of 2 Gram that was not possible with the technology of 1 Gram. 3G is the shortened type of the technologies of telecom in the third era. The services of 3 Gram technology can offer you a much faster rate of data than the technology of 2 Gram could. A number of applications that include video calling are supported by 3G, which could not be supported by the technology of 2 Grams.

Blackberry Curve 9360 review

Blackberry Curve 9360, Blackberry Curve 9360 reviewBlackberry takes another curve and now we are presented with the new Blackberry Curve 9360. This phone is the successor of the previous Curve models and is set to compete against the big brother, the Blackberry Bold. The curve 9360 is presented with 800 MHz of processor speed which actually is faster than the Blackberry Bold 9780. The hardware of this phone is very impressive with a 512 RAM and an internal memory of 512 MB as well.

As the name suggests, the Curve has a slightly curved QWERTY keypad to give it a slightly different look. The biggest improvement in the curve 9360 is the inclusion of a 5MP primary camera with LED flash but the biggest downfall is the removal of auto focus and the inclusion of fixed focus. Even though the picture quality of the new curve is good, the video quality still remains ordinary with VGA recording. All in all, the new Blackberry curve 9360 is a good purchase in its price range as after all, it still is a Blackberry.

Top notch Google gadgets for you

Google gadgets,GadgetsDo you want to know about the most popular and breathtaking Google gadgets? Well then take a look at the following ones and you will surely get enchanted after knowing its profiles and features. Twitter gadget is one of the most fabulous Google gadgets that you can attach along with your page of igoogle. With the help of this you can create new status messages everyday and also can comment on various posts or can get latest tweets from your friends. If you want to watch different kinds of videos and clips then the official you tube gadget will be really beneficial for you. If you want to keep a tab on the latest news updates from all over the world then you might find the Digg gadget really helpful because through his you can let your followers know about the world news and also can receive news from them also.

Sony Xperia S: Beauty with brains

Sony Xperia S, Sony XperiaGreat screen and awesome performance, you can’t help yourself from not noticing it. The Sony Xperia S is a perfect combination of beauty with brains. Its look will surely lure you and its function will surely leave its perfect impression on you. Sony Xperia S is not simply a touch screen but is mutli touch-sensibility touch screen and can sense up to 10 fingers at a time. 90% of its front is its display and it has a slight curve at the back for the comfort. The Sony Xperia S has various features such as HD, lightning and fast capture camera with 12mp camera, play station and is easy to connect with your PC or TV and now you don’t have an option to get bored, you can download unlimited songs and movies.

Battery backup is 8hrs to 9 hrs with talk time. Sony Xperia S is available in two colors, black and white. And its price is around 459.99 pounds. Sony Xperia S is a great combination of beauty and brain at a very reasonable price.

How to send internet fax absolutely free of cost

internet fax, free internet faxToday we use the internet for varied uses such as shopping, booking tickets, watching movies and listening to songs, socializing, communicating, sharing pictures and handling our work. So why not use internet facilities for sending fax when you can do it for free? There is a limit to the number of pages that you can send and receive during a day but many websites have this offer. However, these are not for long-term use. These are only demonstrative plans so that if you are satisfied you can go ahead and buy the actual software from the website.


This is a new technology which has been introduced in recent times.  Just go online and register yourself. You will be given a specific fax number. This can help you receive and send faxes from one person to another anytime from any place.  It is a user-friendly service and it is as easy as checking emails and browsing the web.