All about the LG CDMA 3000 mobile

The LG CDMA 3000 is one of the unique stylish handsets that have been used by LG after the concept of CDMA technology for cell phones first got introduced. It’s affordable by common man and has a lot of attractive features. The design and weight of the phone is outstanding. Weighing somewhat around 80grams it’s easier to carry around and has a very sleek surface that gives the look a classy effect.

This cell phone has a Hindi user interface since it’s made for the people of India. This interface allows the users to operate text messages and phonebook in Hindi. Not only SMS, but also LMS or Long Messaging Service is available on this phone. It allows three way call conferencing. Its technological advancement is marvelous as it has an integrated antenna to catch even weak signals. You also have an excellent PC connectivity to transfer media files.

With a battery of 3.3 hours and 200 hours of standby time it will never disappoint you. Other features include a 32MB flash memory with 300 phonebook storage capacity.

Which is a better pick, CDMA or GSM PHONES?

Today mobile phone is not a machine, but an important member in your life. You get to choose from a variety of cell phones that suits your needs. There is always a tough competition between the CDMA and GSM phones. But finally GSM wins as it has more options for the customers.

The Global System for Mobile communication is ideal for you, if you travel a lot. GSM works on the digital technology of fixed frequencies. So GSM phones allow insertion of any SIM card, irrespective of the carrier. Code Division Multiple Access or CDMA phones are not as simple as the GSM phones. They use the spread spectrum technology and create wide bandwidth signals. The signals support only one particular service provider and you won’t be able to change the phone number whenever you want.

CDMA phones offer voice clarity, still GSM scores over CDMA because they can easily be integrated. You can use the same handset and change as many numbers you want with the GSM technology.

Why is business Ethernet becoming a hot favorite?

Business Ethernet is highly popular these days because of its numerous advantages. This article jots down a gist of its benefits to prove its preference over other bandwidth solutions.

Firstly Ethernet provides a broad area networking with a capacity to back up multipoint communications. It makes it suitable for the super performance Network agencies. Then Ethernet is quite inexpensive compared to other bandwidth options. The cost effective feature makes it easily upgradeable too. Moreover it comes with a great speed which provides around 1000 Mbps while the conventional DS3 gives 45 Mbps.

Again, Ethernet is quite easy to install and simpler to configure rather than other different network protocols. It connects efficiently across Linux, PC, Mac, UNIX workstations and different other computer systems. Ethernet is also able to assimilate with varied backbone connectivity options like ATM, routing switches or Gigabit Ethernet. Finally, it also backs up 8 Cos (class of service).

What is an Ethernet Splitter?

Ethernet splitter is actually a little piece of device which is utilized to connect 2 computers to 1 Ethernet cable. The equipment is quite akin to any sort of splitter like cable, phone jack etc. Thus, it is very useful if you have multiple computers at office or home because everyone then will be able to avail the online connection simultaneously.

Usually people using the Ethernet splitter also connects the printer with the computer to lessen network collision. Ethernet splitter can be easily purchased from any good local electronic store. Otherwise you can also browse the online shopping sites. A standard Ethernet splitter is quite inexpensive and will cost around 10 to 25 USD.

Besides, if you have a reasonable knowledge on wiring, you can also set it up on your own. You will need one Ethernet cable chord, two jacks of RJ45 keystone, crimp tool, knife, adhesive, one 110 punch down mechanism and electrical tape.

An account on the HTC7 Pro Phones

Are you bored with your old mobile phone? Well, if you are, it’s time to chuck it and get the latest phone in town. And for those looking for a new phone, nothing can be better than the HTC7 Pro. This great looking phone is making noises for all the right reasons.

The HTC7 Pro that comes with a slide out keyboard is really easy to carry around because it is lightweight. Along with the battery, the phone weighs 6.53 ounces. The display features of the HTC7 Pro are also wonderful. The 3.6” display screen is touch screen and has pinch-to-zoom facility. The display resolution is 480×800 WVGA.

Storage features of the HTX7 Pro are also great with internal storage of 8 GB, ROM 512 MB and RAM 576 MB. The phone has a 5 megapixel color camera with flash and auto focus. The HTC hub includes weather, stocks, sound enhancer, photo enhancer, downloadable games and apps.