A review on Brother IntelliFax-1960c Color Fax Machine

The Brother IntelliFax-1960c Color Fax Machine is a versatile machine that gives you fantastic prints, delivers fax and messages also. Most important advantage is that it is a cordless handset. It is also having an answering machine built inside it. All these features make it ideal for a small home office kind of environments.

This machine being a cordless, gives you an advantage as it is cordless, so it can be easily expanded to four handsets and this helps you to make a cordless system. Moreover it can fax three pages per second and it can adjust it speed itself according to the slower machines also. The message center inside helps you to store twenty nine minutes of message and you can easily erase the messages also. Its memory to store fax is commendable as it can store up to three hundred fax pages. This machine is a must buy for a home office environment.

Fed up of viruses: install a proper safety system

Virus in your network or system is one of the most unnerving situations. In fact most of you are probably using a computer that is infected with virus for a long time without even realizing it. Getting infected by virus can really be a big pain in the wrong place. These actually interfere in the working of your computer. Often too many viruses lead to a crash in the system. Even if these viruses do not crash your system you can be sure that they would decrease the speed of your system and hinder your performance on the computer.
That is why it is absolutely imperative that you install a secure system in your computer. Make sure that the anti virus protection that you are opting for is not just a good and reliable one but provides you with a guarantee. It is also advisable to run fortnightly scans if you cannot run them on a weekly basis.