How to call using VoIP

The internet is bringing the world closer. Contacting anyone, be it someone living close by or continents apart is quite easy these days. It is even possible to talk to someone over the internet using the VoIP or the Voice over Internet Protocol. Making calls through this service is quite economical. In fact if you have someone close to you  living far away  then this will indeed be an economical option for you. But how do you make such a phone call?

There are loads of internet sites which allow you to use such a service. You just have to register your phone number with them. You can use your regular phone number to register with the service. You will also need to sign up for this service with your cable operator or phone company. Once the formalities are done you are good to go.

Wireless broadband in your mobile

Before 10 years people were dreaming about Internet but now days, Internet is present not just only in computers. Internet plays a major part in Tablets, Mobile Phones, Play Stations, iPods and just about everything. Mobile phone is one medium which has to have internet facilities in it because it is the only device that you carry with you all the time.
While you are in your home or in office, you will most probably have internet access with you. But when you are on the move, you either need a Wi-Fi hotspot or a Mobile Modem to access the Internet with high speed. Wi-Fi hotspots are most common in metropolitan cities these days yet, they are highly insecure and surrounded by hackers.

So, getting a mobile wireless broadband is your best choice. You can get this connection from your mobile service operator itself. The service is extremely fast and it even matches the wired broadband.

Which is better, CDMA or TDMA

CDMA, an abbreviation for Code Division Multiple Access is a digital cellular technology using frequency spectrum, which is much more efficient in comparison to a dedicated land-line. TDMA, an abbreviation for Time Division Multiple Access is a technology which delivers digital wireless service and uses the time division multiplexing channel. In this way, a single frequency or spectrum can handle several data channels.

Often people are curious to know as to which is more efficient – TDMA or CDMA. However, it is quite hard to specifically classify the superiority, considering both have their own pros and cons. For those, who are confused, TDMA is nothing but the same technology which existed in the GSM cellular technology till now.

In a perfect environment, a CDMA phone would provide sufficient service with a receiving signal level of -105 dBm, while TDMA would require -99 dBm. A 7 dBm advantage for CDMA still might not justify the superiority.

Things to consider while buying a cell phone for your friend

Is your dear friend’s birthday round the corner? Are you thinking of presenting him/her with a cell phone? If so, while picking up the perfect present and also getting maximum value for your money, keep certain important guidelines in mind. First things first, make sure the cell is sleek enough and shouldn’t be much of a hassle to carry around. Pick something handy which has a touch of trend to it. Lots of colors and shapes among mobile phones are available in the market for you to pick from. Go for something which complements his/her style.

Now that you are done choosing the exteriors, focus your attention towards its features. Some of must have features in a cell phone are Bluetooth, internet connectivity, 3G services, a minimum 2 mega pixel camera, MP3 player, FM radio and such. Being a multifaceted gadget, a cell phone is used for many purposes. Keeping these things in mind, pick up just the perfect present for your loved one and see him/her beam in glee.