Wireless Printers for Your Computer

Today’s world is all about moving without any strings attached! This applies to humans as well as electronics. Do you not just prefer the cell phones over landlines? When it comes to computers do you not choose to work on laptops rather than Desktops? Why should it be any different for your printers? With the advent of wireless printers more and more people prefer this.

For wireless printers you need a router. The wireless printer operates just like the Wi-Fi internet. Computer sends a message to the computer through signals transmitted. The biggest advantage of wireless printers is that it can be used to share more than one computer. But every computer sharing the network should have a printer installed to it in the control panel. In fact along with sharing one computer with a couple of other computers there is also an added benefit. You are doing away with the safety hazards of entangled cord. So do not get attached to the old…move on to the new technology.

Risks associated with wireless network

As the name suggests, wireless networking is cable-free. But as convenient as it sounds, it does not come risk-free.

While connecting to a domestic network, it should be taken care that it is protected against viruses. Some networks do not require passwords to get connected to. So, someone, who is new to wireless networking, can easily fall prey to hackers. On the other hand, business networking comes with full technical support. If multiple computers need to be connected, then the router should be placed centrally which makes it equally accessible to all systems. The Internet cable is plugged in to the port (RS-232) on the router. Then the security settings like firewall etc. are configured.

Malls and multiplexes are equipped with this facility and people who visit these places can enjoy wireless networking even when they are outside. To be on the safe side, one should get hold of an anti-virus like AVG to stay virus protected.

Things to remember before downloading ring tones

We all tend to personalize the ring tone of our mobile phones according to our choice of favorite songs. Now mobile phones are not always provided with all such songs. So you need to download a song that is not already present on your phone and yet you want it as your ring tone. But before downloading a ring tone you must keep a few things in mind. Most ring tones that are downloaded are not free. You need to pay certain charges to get the tones on your phone.

Secondly most of the websites from where you download the ring tones are not reliable when it comes to the quality of the song. Thirdly most ring tones tend to take a lot of disc space on the phone. So you need to ensure that your phone has enough memory space before you download. Hence you must be careful before you download a ring tone on your phone.

How to get ring tones for your i phone free of cost

The unfortunate thing about iPhone ringtones is that either they are too expensive, or none of the sites offering ringtones for free offer iPhone ringtones. However there is one site that does do the wonder – and a lot more – Myxer.
Once you log onto its home page, you can search for a number of songs – it has a diverse collection and you are sure to find the songs you are looking for the tone of. To adjust the length of this song according to the way you want it, click on “customize it first”. You can also adjust the volume and change the way it is named. Once you are through with that, you have to click on the given download for iPhone option.
Once this file has been downloaded onto your system, plug in your iPhone. Go to your iTunes, add the downloaded file to your iTunes library and then upload it to your phone. It is all as simple as that.

Is it better to get phones with broadband?

Phones with broadband give you the feature of making long distance calls, even across continents for as much as having just a fast internet connection, or maybe a few nominal charges – as the company, according to the plan you use, will charge. This is also known as VOIP.

Many companies offer services of the residential kind and by the looks of it, everyone wants a piece of it. You cable companies are the ones who will offer you this service for twice as much as you would usually pay.

There are places on the world grid where you can make “unlimited” calls. Others will be at a very nominal rate. “Unlimited” is not really unlimited – there is usually a monthly limit of 30000 to 40000 minutes, beyond which you will be personally liable.

Again, this service is not very supportive of faxing and so not conducive for any business work you do using this. If it is a slow internet connection that you have, you will have an unpleasant experience talking. If your connection is unreliable, often at times, you will not be able to talk at all. Weigh your options and decide if a phone with broadband is the thing for you or not.