Telecom assets

telecom assetTelecom assets make a large part of infrastructure investments. Telecom assets might include intellectual property apart from physical assets like transponders, tunable laser assemblies among other things. A lot of telecom assets have to be seen in the light of geographical relevance. Your asset purchase dimension changes when you know you will be largely catering to the middle class buyers and likewise change as in when you plan to launch it big into the heart of corporate offices.

Telecom assets are a part of infrastructure investments. Unfortunately, the sector does not find loans easily. More often than not, traditional lenders shy away citing reasons of vagueness in operations. Yes, the issue is more or less about delayed invoice receivables. While few companies take a chance and factor the loans against invoice receivables and physical assets. So more generally, loans for telecom assets are provided against already lined up asset.

Independent telecom finance options

telecom financeThese are tough times and with the mounting credit crunch and poorer liquidity, banks have tightened their lending norms. As it stood, conventional banks were against lending to small and mid scale ventures of telecom. This is because they did not fully understand how telecom operated and there was also a huge problem with delayed invoice receivable that could not completely be hedged upon.

Today, independent telecom financers are willing to take the plunge. It’s a gamble that has its own benefits. Telecom sector’s main problem lies in pile-up of revenue owing to delayed customer payment. A lending unit factors on this receivable and hence lends a part of money that the customers need to pay for their last operative bill.

This way, the independent telecom operators don’t fall in the trap of delayed revenue and get fund. They can also try institutional investors (provided they are big) and venture capitalists (in all cases) to set their business up for them.

Why do companies use independent telecom agents?

telecom agentThere are many reasons why a company might use an independent telecom agent. This is because of myriad reasons. First, there is the great bonus that this person will not be fired even in trying times of liquidation, asset confiscation, bankruptcies, mergers and forceful acquisitions. While a direct representative might not be there after an year with you sand you may lose out on al the customer follow-up data, a independent telecom agent will be right there even after all the tremors. Also, why spend moolah each year or couple of year without exhausting a person for his paid-term? Such becomes the case in the event of hiring a direct representative.

An independent telecom agent provides you with a neutral report on all the possible carriers. It tells you precisely who can make the cut in offering you the most avant garde MPOLS tools and other variables in future. With the dynamic telecommunication scene constantly changing, it’s important to assess this properly.

How to construct an effective telecom RFP

telecom business

RFP stands for request for proposal. This is sent across by business firms to service providing companies while requesting for their services. Now, RFP is a very important document that neatly lays down each thing about you company so that the service provider can assess its present stand and hence allocate a suitable plan.

A RFP contains a synopsis on your company’s fiscal strength, task-force, set requirement, previous service providers and plans and the reason to change the last provider. You must also clearly lay down what you might be looking from the system. You should ask the service provider for some accountability in regards to what he expects to achieve functionally and what are the processes that it is going to make easy. Also, how can it cut down on the costs that are being levied presently? An RFP also talks about warranties and maintenance among other things.

Saving home office costs with broadband satellite

BroadbandBroadband satellite networks are offering reasonable priced resources to consumers for bringing satellite quality telecommunication to home. Imagine what broadband satellite can do! Apart from allowing faster internet speeds, it can also look to provide various voice chat modules which are far more technologically equipped than telephonic conferencing. Through using broadband satellite, you can make calls to overseas client at a rate half or even lower than what an ISD through a telephone would charge you.

Broadband satellite allows a corporate house to gather distant and remote employees through the state-of-art tool of audio conferencing. In fact, even video chat lines facilitated through webcams are quite in vogue today; needless to say that it allows for much greater personalization. While it might still need advanced models of broadband satellites for operating lager scale business houses, something very reasonable can be bought for the purpose of small individual-customer fare.

How to choose a mobile broadband package?

mobile broadbandMobile broadband has brought in a beautiful revolution the market of business broadband. Even for an individual broadband user, it is providing opportunities to reach out for internet at broadband speed at times when they have a laptop and a USB modem pertaining to mobile broadband.

First and foremost, you must look for the speed of the mobile broadband. While texts and mails can be sent at a moderately fast connection, downloading generally requires a much faster speed. This means that you should be on the higher side of the speed range of 3.6-7.2 Mbps.

You must also pre-assess the network coverage. A good coverage will allow you internet access at remoter places. Also see if the mobile broadband package has moderate-tariff plans for your kind of usage. For instance, you should assess what kind of plans they have if you are looking for an 8 hour access or a 500 Mb monthly download.

Benefits of ADSL Broadband internet connection

asdl broadbandADSL or Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line provides high speed internet connection to its users. The connection established through ADSL is permanent and is not out of use for a single moment. Further, you do not need to dial in for establishing connection. This directly implies saving on many dollars that you might spend owing to being charged one local call per dial-in. ADSL broadband employs one telephone line. This way you can have on the cost required for setting up other phone line.

Through ADSL, you cannot also connect your broadband services over multiple computers. In fact, even if we do not talk of the Ethernet, ADSL wireless routers are being lapped up as a craze today for connecting through multiple computers.

Those who have waited for long minutes after using the dial-in process need not wait for these unending minutes. ADSL does not need any time to log you in.

Broadband internet connections

broadbandBroadband internet connection or high data rate internet connection is facilitated through a modem working over a dial-up network. It is different from the wireless router connection and uses wire for the purpose of providing internet connection.

Broadband technology helps you to connect the modem through a telephone and provide 256 bit rate easily despite keeping the telephonic options open in the mean time. Internet service providers often mess with the broadband speed provided to the subscribers as they offer the services to many more people than their backbone can tackle. Automatically, with greater number of people to handle, the speed diminishes.

Broadband services are generally provided through cable modems and DSL’s. Fiber-optic communication has been very handy in tackling heightened speeds of broadband.

The main challenge lies ahead in providing broadband connection to the less populated rural sector as it is more difficult to compensate for the equipment costs there.

Telecom audit can save money

telecom,auditMost of you have been on the receiving end of a false bill generation sometime or the other. While it has jeopardized your monthly expenses, you have not been able to do much about it. You prefer paying rather than running to government offices and private chambers fighting your case. You have a better idea.

While attaching yourself to a subscriber, find out how their bills area assessed, and attach yourself to a subscriber only if they have provision for telecom audit. You can get it proved simply. Telecom bills generated through telecom audit software readily provides an itemized bill.

Such telecom audit taps on scientific technology and mathematical calculation to generate bills expeditiously. Also, there are no errors as a general rule. The bills have greater sub-heads. This way, you can save paying a lot more money through swindled or falsely generated bills.